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1st of March, 508 ANI
Word comes to the Engenstut County Resistance that there was a coup in the capitol and the Dark Emperor Karsen is missing. Isenmarch has successfully rebelled. Finbar Gullvan realizes the legions are not coming back and begins agitating for a rebellion in Hanist.
Session 1 - 8th of March to the 12th of March, 508 ANI
The Resistance ambushes an orc patrol at Finbar's Gap, then recruits militia from Trones and Trones' Crossing. Two days later, at the 17th Battle of Trones, Trahaern ab Owen leads the Resistance to a crushing victory over the 7th Company of Nulm's Dogbloods.
Session 1
The Resistance spent the 12th at the Trones stronghold; the handful of orcish survivors arrived at Swartun late on the 12th.
Session 2 - 13 of March to the 23rd of March, 508 ANI
The Resistance reorganizes their army and equips several units with orcish equipment. On the 20th, they head north to capture Harbuck and Swartun. Unknown to the them, the four closest companies of the Dogbloods are moving to Harbuck. An orcish cavalry reconnaissance in force runs into the Resistance on the 21st and is repulsed with heavy losses.
On the 22nd, Trahaern takes the archers and blocks the bridge to Harbuck while Aisling and Himmel and most of the infantry head east to a nearby ford. They are met by the Orcish cavalry while the orcs pour out of Harbuck. Trahaern is seriously wounded but the orcs take heavy casualties and the remnants flee north. The Resistance spends the 23rd reorganizing and recruiting in Harbuck.
Session 3 - 20th to 21st of March, 508
The rest of the Resistance leaders at Camp Liberty investigate the ruined building on the grounds. They find it is the remnants of a desecrated temple, populated by hungry ghouls, and kill the ghouls.
Session 4 - 21st of March to the 28th of March, 508 ANI
The Resistance leaders at Camp Liberty kill an undead abomination. On the 22nd, they head into the woods to find the Tzavarim. On the 26th, they negotiate a treaty with the Tzavarim, and return to Camp Liberty on the 28th.
On the 25th, Trahaern and Himmel overrun Swartun while Aisling chases the remnants of the orc force from Harbuck across the river. The army spends the 26th reorganizing at Swartun.