Aisling Mhic Muiris Token
Aisling Mhic Muiris
Gender: Female
Age: Ageless
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair Color: Red, with hints of flame.
Eye Color: Green
Species: Seelie Fae (Nymph)

Aisling ("Call me Ash") Mhic Muiris is an ambassador sent to the rebels by the Queen of the Fae Court*; her loyalty is there, and her goals (while they align with those of the Resistance) aren't necessarily 100% in line with the rebels. She's a trained war leader (though, ever humble, the first to admit that she's no great general) and a consummate diplomat (like any Nymph, she cheats) who is all to happy to help the plucky humans take on the orcs who've taken all the fun out of the world. Aisling rarely takes anything seriously and it's all too easy to dismiss her as an easily-distracted fop - a mistake her enemies rarely get the chance to make twice.

Ash is the opposite of imposing: at a diminutive five-foot-three, nobody will mistake her for a mighty warrior. Fortunately, very few people who speak to her for more than a few minutes have any cause to want to fight her: like all Nymphs, she's stunningly attractive, marvelously persuasive, and relentlessly cheerful - right up until someone crosses a line and her temper flares like a summer wildfire.

*("What Fae Court?" The one that sent her. They're mysterious and otherworldly, and the Queen has had enough of this Dark Lord business - wait, what do you mean it's been five hundred years? Sorry we're late, then... Alternately, she could be lying through her teeth about all of it, and just be some wood nymph running a con. Who could tell? Her lack of bodyguards, fine clothes, signet rings, or documents attesting to her authority make Finbar Gullvan think she's running a con, but he acknowledges that she's an effective speaker and leader regardless.)

In May 508, Aisling was accredited Ambassador from the Fae Court and given observer status on the Ruling Council. Given her charm, no one objects when she contributes to discussions, even though she is technically not supposed to speak.

Attributes [95]
ST 12 [10]
DX 12 [40]
IQ 11 [15]
HT 12 [10] (Includes +1 from 'Extra HT')
Hit Points 12
Will 11 [10]
Perception 11 [10]
Fatigue Points 12
Basic Lift 29
Damage 1d-1/1d+1
Dodge 9
Basic Speed 6
Basic Move 6
Ground Move 6
Advantages [187]
Ally Group - Gharza's Nightbloods (Built on 25%; Mass Combat Ally Group, 10 Elements, *4; Appears on 15 or less, *3; Unwilling, -50%) [6]
Alternate Identity (Legal; Orcish Spy) [5]
Born War-Leader 4 [20]
Cat Burglar 2 [10]
Smooth Operator 3 [30]
Voice [10]
Demigod Talent 1 [5]
Summer Queen's Oath (Affliction 1; Accessibility: Only works on willing subjects who are aware of the consequences, -50%; Demigod Power, +0%; Extended Duration, Permanent w/Dispelling Conditions, +150%; Immediate Preparation Required, 1 minute, -30%; Melee Reach C, -30%; Variable Enhancement (Only for Disadvantages worth up to 30 points), +240%) [38]*
Empathy (Demigod Power, +0%; Alternative Ability, *1/5) [3]
Mind Control (Demigod Power, +0%; No Signature, +20%; Sense Based, Hearing, -20%; Suggestion, -40%; Takes Extra Time, 30s, -50%; Alternative Ability, *1/5) [2]
Mind Probe (Demigod Power, +0%; No Signature, +20%; Sense Based, Hearing, -20%; Accessibility: Subject must vocalize response, -20%; Takes Extra Time, 30s, -50%; Alternative Ability, *1/5) [2]
Rapier Wit (Demigod Power, +0%; Alternative Ability, *1/5) [1]
Flexibility [5]
Gifted Commander (Cunning) [5]
Gifted Commander (Impetuous) [5]
Gifted Commander (Infantry Commander) [5]
Luck [15]

[nowiki]*[/nowiki]With a ceremony that takes about a minute (and includes a clear communication of the oath binding the willing party and the consequences for breaking that oath), Aisling can lay a permanent geas on a subject she touches. There is no effect unless the oath is broken; once it is, the subject immediately suffers the consequences laid out when the oath was made, for the rest of their life (though Remove Curse or similar powerful magic might lift it). The consequences can be any combination of Disadvantages totaling -30 points: Divine Curses are good choices (See 'Cursed Thou Art', Pyramid 3/78), some physical disadvantages may be appropriate - anything that the GM agrees makes sense. Because the subject is willing, treat this as a BENEFICIAL affliction: the subject must succeed at an HT roll (at a bonus equal to Aisling's Talent) for the Geas to take effect. Once the geas takes hold, there is *no* further resistance!

Nymph [20]
Appearance (Transcendent; Universal, +25%) [25]
Charisma 5 [25]
Extra HT 1 (Affects HT, +0%) [10]
Faerie Mana Dependency [-25]
Code of Honor (Forest Protector) [-10]
Intolerance: Anyone involved in woodcutting, charcoal burning, etc. [-5]

Perks [5]
Never Forgets a Face [1]
Outnumbered but not Outmatched [1]
Sexy Feints [1]
Cultural Familiarity (Orcish) [1]
Skill Adaptation (Public Speaking for Streetwise when Meeting Criminals) [1]
Disadvantages [-35]
Sense of Duty (Large Group; Fae Court) [-10]
Trickster (12 or less, *1) [-15]
Vulnerability (Rare; Meteoric Iron) [-10]
Quirks [-5]
Broad-Minded [-1]
Expensive Tastes [-1]
Flirtatious [-1]
Hates Using Iron [-1]
Hedonist [-1]
Skills [119]
Acrobatics DX/H - DX+2 14 [4]%
Acting IQ/A - IQ+2 14 [2]*
Area Knowledge (Hanist) IQ/E - IQ+1 12 [2]
Brawling DX/E - DX+1 13 [2]
Climbing DX/A - DX+2 17 [2]%#
Detect Lies Per/H - Per+3 17 [4]*
Diplomacy IQ/H - IQ+5 17 [8]*†^
Disguise (Humanoid) IQ/A - IQ+0 11 [2]
Escape DX/H - DX+1 16 [2]%#
Fast-Talk IQ/A - IQ+4 16 [2]*†^
Hiking HT/A - HT-1 11 [1]
Holdout IQ/A - IQ+0 11 [2]
Intelligence Analysis IQ/H - IQ+4 15 [4]‡
Intimidation Will/A - Will+2 14 [2]*^
Knife DX/E - DX+1 13 [2]
Leadership IQ/A - IQ+12 24 [4]*†‡
Lockpicking IQ/A - IQ+1 12 [1]%
Observation Per/A - Per+0 11 [2]
Occultism IQ/A - IQ-1 10 [1]
Pole Weapons DX/H - DX+7 19 [32]
Psychology (Orcish) IQ/H - IQ-1 10 [2]
Public Speaking IQ/A - IQ+9 21 [2]*†^
Sex Appeal (Humanoid) HT/A - HT+10 23 [4]*†^~
Soldier IQ/A - IQ+5 16 [4]
Stealth DX/A - DX+3 15 [4]%
Strategy (Land) IQ/H - IQ+6 17 [12]‡
Streetwise IQ/A - IQ+2 13 [1]*
Swimming HT/E - HT 12 [1]
Tactics IQ/H - IQ+3 14 [2]‡
Throwing DX/A - DX+1 13 [4]
Traps IQ/A - IQ+1 12 [1]%
Wrestling DX/A - DX+0 12 [2]
* Includes +2 from 'Smooth Operator'
† Includes +5 from 'Charisma', either at all times (Leadership, Public Speaking) or for Reaction Rolls (Diplomacy, Fast-Talk, Intimidaiton, Sex Appeal, Savoir-Faire, Streetwise)
^ Includes +2 from 'Voice'
‡ Includes +4 from 'Born War-Leader
~ Includes +5 from 'Appearance'
% Includes +2 from 'Cat Burglar'
# Includes +3 from 'Flexibility'
! Includes +3 from 'Empathy'
## Includes bonuses from deed enchantments.
Techniques [4]
Feint (Sex Appeal) @ Skill+4 27 [2]
Targeted Attack (Pole Weapons Swing/Knee) @ Skill-2 19 [2]
Points Summary
Attributes/Secondary Characteristics [95]
Advantages/Perks/TL/Languages/Cultural Familiarities [192]
Disadvantages/Quirks [-40]
Skills/Techniques/Spells [124]
Unspent [0]
= Total [371]
Deed CP & Enchantments (Spent/Earned)
Weapon: 29/29
Armor: 32/32
Choice: 91/95
Aisling's Mood Ring [27 Choice]: A filigreed but otherwise plain silver ring. The wearer constantly smells nice, giving +1 to reactions when that can be a factor; the ring keeps the wearer's clothes and armor clean, can manifest a set of lockpicks at need, and allows the user to send Magical Radio broadcasts with a maximum range of up to 1000 miles; it also allows receiving broadcasts with an Occultism roll at +5.
Perfume [1]
Sartorial Integrity [1]
Accessory (Lockpicks) [1]
Telecommunication (Magical Radio; Increased Range, 1000 miles, +60%; Reliable +5, +25%; Selectivity, +10%; Secure, +20%; Selective Effect, +20%) [24]
Aisling's Covert Armor [32 Armor, 55 Choice]: A concealed mail jerkin, pants, and hood (see Equipment) that's barely distinguishable from a very fine set of traveling clothes; the wearer is protected from external influence, and fights with supernatural grace that's certain to distract anyone who's already susceptible to the wearer's charms - until they suffer a misfortune of their own.
Extra Attack 1 (Single Skill, Sex Appeal, -20%) [20]
Resistant (Mind Control; Common, +3 to Resist) [5]
Enhancement: Wishing, +100% on Luck [15]
Combat Reflexes [15]
Obscure 8 (Magical Detection; Defensive, +50%; No Area of Effect, -50%; Stealthy, +100%) [32]
An Gheimhridh [29 Weapon, 9 Choice]: A very fine, balanced Dueling Halberd with a white oak haft. The blade is a translucent ice blue that shimmers oddly in direct sunlight; it passes through metal as though it weren't there, but carves into insubstantial beings as if they were solid.
Damage Modifier: Arcing Surge [23]
Damage Modifier: Affects Insubstantial [5]
Agile Weapon [5]
Loyal Weapon [5]
Armor (worn)
Fine DR 3 Mail Torso/Abdomen/Arms, Concealed +3: $5200, 7.68 lbs
Fine DR 3 Mail Pelvis/Legs, Concealed +3: $5200, 7.68 lbs
Fine DR 2 Quality Leather Boots: $86.40, 1.05 lbs
Fine DR 2 Quality Leather Gloves: $28,80, 0.3528 lbs
Fine DR 2 Quality Leather Hood (Neck/Skull): $129.60, 1.5876 lbs
An Geimridh (Very Fine, Balanced Dueling Halberd)
Polearm Swing-20: 1d+7 cut, Reach 1,2*, Parry 14
Polearm Swing-20: 1d+6 imp, Reach 1,2*, Parry 14
Polearm Thrust-20: 1d+5 imp, Reach 2, Parry 14
Staff Swing-20: 1d+3 cr, Reach 1,2, Parry 14
Staff Thrust-20: 1d+1 cr, Reach 1,2, Parry 14
Loadouts & Encumbrance
Combat Load (Armor, Weapons & Personal Gear): 23.35 lbs, No Encumbrance (Move 5, Dodge 8)

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