Ajax would have been lucky to have been born in a barn rather than the incredibly modest woodsman's hovel where his parents chose to live. It was extremely rustic, in no way quaint but had the advantage of being isolated and poor, and therefore beneath the notice of the orcish overlords ruling these lands.

His father, a hunter, and mother, an herbalist, were able to barely provide for their four children who were barely aware of the existence of orcs, or cities as anything other than stories told by their parents, putting them into the same category as things like the old gods, dragons and other such fantasies. 

In his youth he attempted to learn his father's mastery with the bow, but never had the knack so focused on the spear and cudgel (broadsword) instead. 

About a year ago Ajax's father succumbed to a fever beyond his mother's ability to treat and, never having the wherewithall to master the bow, Ajax headed towards {town} in a nieve effort to find a way to support his mother and siblings. 

His normal good luck seemed to have failed him when, the day after his arrival the orcish garrison was attacked by rebels. Ajax was out in the street when the orcs sallied and a bannerman charged him. Reacting on instinct, Ajax grabbed the support pole of an awning and slew the overconfident orc, taking his spear tipped banner and broadsword for his own. Finding himself in a position to send regular payments back to his mother Ajax joined the army and never looked back.