Arcane SpellsEdit

This is just a convenient place to store new spells that players come up with, either for their characters or as part of theorycrafting exercises.

Earthen Grasp [6]
Keywords: Missile, Obvious
Full Cost: 30 (1.5 points/level)
Casting Roll: None. Use Innate Attack to hit.
Range: 100 yards
Duration: Instantaneous.
The earth or stone that the target is standing on rises up to engulf their legs. This is a Binding attack; treat it as a grapple against the legs with a Grip ST of 20, DR 6, and Control Resistance 6. If the target fails to defend, it inflicts 2d-1 CP. Subsequent attacks can increase CP as normal.
Statistics: Binding ST 20 (Sorcery, -15%; Accessibility (only against targets in contact with earth or stone), -10%) [30]
Eyes of the Eagle [8]
Body Control
Keywords: Buff
Full Cost: 40
Casting Roll: None. Subject must make a HT roll at a penalty equal to any DR between them and the caster.
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 minute.
The target's vision becomes supernaturally acute, allowing them to view distant objects as if they were immediately nearby. This negates 7 points in Vision penalties for distance (double this if the subject 'zooms in' on a specific target to examine it); the subject can also gain up to +7 to Accuracy for ranged attacks by aiming for one second per +1.
Statistics: Affliction 1 (Advantage: Eagle Eyes, +320%; Sorcery, -15%; Melee Attack Reach C, -30%; No Signature, +20%) [40]. 'Eagle Eyes' is built as Telescopic Vision 7 (Magical, -10%) [32].
Ruby Barricade [8]
Protection and Warning
Keywords: Area (Fixed), Obvious
Full Cost: 38 (3.75/level)
Casting Roll: None
Range: 2 yards
Duration: 1 minute
A shield of solid ruby force springs from the caster's hand and grows into a 9' wide, 12' tall barricade, stopping physical attacks that attempt to pass through it with ablative DR 10. Physical creatures that attempt to pass through it may roll their thrust damage as a free action or slam damage as an attack. If the damage rolled exceeds the DR of the field, it shatters as they pass through; if it does not, their movement ends but they take no damage from the field itself.
Statistics: Damage Resistance 10 (Ablative, -80%; Affects Others, +50%; Area Effect (2 yd), +50%; Directional: Front Only, -20%; Force Field, +20%; Limited Defense: Physical Attacks, -20%; Sorcery, -15%; Visible, -10%) [38]
Bull's Strength [8]
Body Control
Keywords: Buff
Full Cost: 38
Casting Roll: None. Subject must make a HT roll at a penalty equal to any DR between them and the caster.
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 minute
The subject's strength (but not hit points) is greatly increased, allowing them to lift heavy weights and strike mighty blows. The subject gains +11 to Lifting ST and Striking ST for the duration of the spell.
Statistics: Affliction 1 (Advantage: Bull's Strength, +300%; Sorcery, -15%; Melee Attack Reach C, -30%; No Signature, +20%) [38]. Bull's Strength is built as Striking ST 11 (Magical, -10%) [20] + Lifting ST 11 (Magical, -10%) [10].
Battlefield Exaltation [13]
Mind Control
Keywords: Buff, Area
Full Cost: 62
Casting Roll: None. Subject must make a HT roll, at no penalty.
Range: 100 yards
Duration: 1 minute
The subjects gain instant proficiency on the battlefield. In the Mass Combat minigame, this allows the caster to raise the quality of troops they lead: Poor, Terrible, or Inferior troops become Average; Average or Good troops become Crack quality. There is no effect if the element is already Crack or better. Outside of Mass Combat, this grants Battlefield Exaltation [35], a metatrait made up of Born Soldier 4 (Magical, -10%) [18], Combat Reflexes (Magical, -10%) [14], Teamwork (Other Members of this Element) [1], Shield-Wall Training [1], and Sure-Footed (Uneven) [1].
Statistics: Affliction 1 (Advantage: Battlefield Exaltation, +350%; Sorcery, -15%; Extended Range x10, 1/2D Range Only, +15%, No Signature, +20%; Area Effect (8 yards), +150%) [62]. Battlefield Exaltation is built as above.
Battlefield Communication [1]
Communication & Empathy
Keywords: Area
Full Cost: 4
Casting Roll: None. An Occultism roll might be needed to receive or eavesdrop on transmissions.
Range: Self Only
Duration: Indefinite
This is the standard spell used by spellcasters on the battlefield to act as communications support: usually a pair of spellcaster who know this spell or its divine equivalent will be split among a force commander and his senior subordinate for coordinating orders nearly instantly across moderate distances. After casting (and for as long as the spell is maintained), the caster can Concentrate to transmit and receive magical radio communications with a range limit of 1 mile. Advanced versions increase range, remove the Concentration requirement, and/or add enhancements like Reliable, Secure, or Selective Effect. This simple version is accessible to apprentices, which allows them to contribute while more powerful casters to work more potent effects.
Statistics: Telecommunications (Magical Radio; Reduced Range, 1/10, -30%; Sorcery, -15%; Requires Concentrate, -15%) [4]

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