Ariana Rees Token
Ariana Rees
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Height: 6'
Weight: 220 lbs
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Species: Human

Ariana is one of those artisans who sort of gets a pass on the laws against humans touching metal, because the orcs are particularly lazy about maintaining their gear - they might decide to kill her anytime, but she's good at her job so the local orcs just make sure she's nowhere nearby when inspection time comes around. She's a thoughtful, meditative sort (despite being built like a mountain of muscle) and long hours reflecting on the simple joy of crafting have forged (ha) a tenuous (and mostly unconscious) connection with the long-forgotten forge-god Völundr.

Ariana stands head and shoulders above most humans (who tend to be scrawny and undernourished), and has the sort of muscles that just scream 'years working the forge'. She's got no qualms about putting herself at risk to help others, frequently leveraging her position of favor to get better treatment for her fellows and taking it very personally when she fails to aid them. Recruiting her to the Resistance was practically inevitable.

In May 508, Ariana began serving on the Ruling Council as Regina Sacrorum, head of the priesthoods.

Attributes [150]
ST 16 [30]
DX 12 [60]
IQ 12 [30]
HT 13 [30]
Hit Points 16
Will 12 [20]
Perception 11 [10]
Fatigue Points 13
Basic Lift 51
Damage 1d+1/2d-1
Basic Speed 6.25
Basic Move 6
Ground Move 6
Advantages [141]
Artificer 2 [10]
Close to Heaven 1 [5]
Combat Reflexes [15]
Destiny (Great) [15]
Divine Favor 9 [55]
Learned Prayer: Confidence [3]
Learned Prayer: Divine Forging [7]
Learned Prayer: Divine Might [9]
Learned Prayer: Fireproof [4]
Learned Prayer: Flesh Wounds [3]
Learned Prayer: Holy Touch [2]
Learned Prayer: Lay on Hands [8]
Fit [5]
Perks [6]
Improvised Weapons: Forge Tools [1]
Signature Gear: Liberator (Blacksmith's Hammer) [1]
Penetrating Voice [1]
Weapon Bond: Liberator [1]
Craft Secrets (Armor Fluting) [1]
Shield-Wall Training [1]
* Granted by Deed Enchantment
Disadvantages [-40]
Guilt Complex [-5]
Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocents) [-10]
Pact Vow (Always speak the blunt truth) [-5]
Selfless (12 or less) [-5]
Sense of Duty (Large Group: Liberated People) [-10]
Trademark (Simple; Maker's Mark) [-5]

Quirks [-5]
Attentive [-1]
Bulky Frame [-1]
Determined [-1]
Distinctive Feature (burn scars covering left arm) [-1]
Serious [-1]
Skills [79]
Administration IQ/A - IQ 12 [2]
Area Knowledge (Engenstut County) IQ/E - IQ 12 [1]
Armoury/TL4 (Body Armor) IQ/A - IQ+2 14 [2]†
Armoury/TL4 (Melee Weapons) IQ/A - IQ+2 14 [2]†
Armoury/TL4 (Missile Weapons) IQ/A - IQ+2 14 [2]†
Axe/Mace DX/A - DX+8 19 [28]
Brawling DX/E - DX+1 13 [2]
Diplomacy IQ/H - IQ-2 10 [1]
Engineer/TL4 (Artillery) IQ/H - IQ 12 [1]†
Engineer/TL4 (Combat) IQ/H - IQ 12 [1]†
First Aid/TL4 (Human) IQ/E - IQ 12 [1]
Hiking HT/A - HT-1 12 [1]
Leadership IQ/A - IQ-1 11 [1]
Lifting HT/A - HT-1 12 [1]
Meditation Will/H - Will-1 [1]*
Public Speaking (Oratory) IQ/E - IQ+2 14 [4]
Religious Ritual (Völundr) IQ/H - IQ-1 11 [1]*
Shield (Shield) DX/E - DX+5 17 [16]
Stealth DX/A - DX+1 13 [4]
Theology (Default) IQ/H - IQ-1 11 [1]*
Throwing DX/A - DX+1 13 [4]
* Includes +1 from 'Close to Heaven'.
† Includes +2 from 'Artificer'.
^ Includes +1 from Deed Enchantments
Techniques [6]
Armor Tailoring (Armoury/Body Armor) @ Skill-3 11 [2]
Craft Secret (Armor Fluting) @ Skill-3 11 [2]
Forced March (Administration) @ Skill +4 [2]
Points Summary
Attributes/Secondary Characteristics [160]
Advantages/Perks/TL/Languages/Cultural Familiarities [147]
Disadvantages/Quirks [-45]
Skills/Techniques/Spells [85]
Unspent [8]
= Total [355]
Deed CP & Enchantments (Spent/Earned)
Weapon: 28/28
Armor: 28/28
Choice: 68/72
Völundr's Word [28 weapon, 51 choice]: A Very Fine, Balanced, Silver-Coated Axe with Pick (2d+3 cut, 2d+2 imp in Ariana's hands), made of polished silver-coated steel and decorated with bronze rings along the haft. The wielder of Völundr's Word can summon Aetos Dios, a massive eagle forged of steel, or a small host of Divine Servitor of Völundr to aid in combat; the axe itself cuts more easily through armor, can shear weapons in half, and blazes with supernatural heat that cauterizes wounds and can ignite flammable materials.
Ally: Aetos Dios (Giant Eagle; Built on 100%; Summonable, +100%; No Roll Required, *4) [40]
Alternative Ability Ally: Divine Host (Lesser Servitors of Völundr; Built on 50%; Conjured, +100%; Minion, +50%; Mass Combat Element, 1 element, *2; No Roll Required, *4) [8]
Loyal Weapon [5]
Agile Weapon [5]
Armor Divisor (2) [15]
Destructive Parry [3]
Damage Modifier: Incendiary [3]
Völundr's Bulwark [5 Armor]: A Balanced Heavy Large Steel Shield; 15 lbs, DB 3, Cover DR 9, HP 26. A solid rectangle of black, unpolished steel featuring Völundr's holy symbol carved into the boss and an etched design of flames over its face. It can be called to the owner's arm, flying to them at Move 6 and accessible with a single Ready action.
Loyal Weapon [5]
Völundr's Spark Ultra-Heavy Harness [13 Armor, 2 Choice]: A perfectly-crafted and fitted suit of blackened steel heavy plate armor with Völundr's symbol carved into the pauldrons that provides full-body DR 11 (7 on joints) with 4/6 face protection. With a thought, the owner can cause it to teleport onto their body; if the armor is more than 20 yards away, it has an effective 'Move' of 20.
Loyal Armor (Teleporting) [10]
Instant Ready [5]
Self (Body) [10 Armor, 15 Choice]: Some of Ariana's enchantments infuse her own body, granting her incredible strength and unbreakable bones.
Lifting ST +10 [10]
Injury Tolerance: Unbreakable Bones [10]
Injury Tolerance: No Vitals [5]
Very Fine Plate Suit (DR 11 or 7) - $106000*, 56.97 lbs
DR 11 Steel Plate Chest, Abdomen, Upper Arms, Forearms, Thighs, Shins, Feet w/reinforced vitals.
DR 7 Steel Plate Pelvis, Shoulders, Elbows, Hands, Knees, Neck
DR 11 Steel Plate Skull, 4/6 face (cheeks, jaw, brow, nasal)
Völundr's Bulwark (Balanced Heavy Large Steel Shield) - 3 lbs, DB 3, DR 4, HP 26, Cover DR 9
3 Potion Belts
Healing Potion (2d+4 HP) x4
Alchemical Antidote
Earth Resistance Potion x2
Universal Antidote
Cold Resistance Potion x2
Alchemical Fire x4
Alchemical Flare x4
Glow Vial x4
First Aid Kit
Rations x21
3/4" Rope (20 Yards)
Tent, 2-Man
Personal Basics
1 qt water
Ordinary Clothes
*Purchased as $5665 of materials for a suit of DR 11 or 7 plate armor ($7080, 81 lbs) and then tailored with a critical success via Spark of the Forge to Very Fine.
Völundr's Word - 4.5 lbs
Axe Swing-20: 2d+3 cut, Reach 1, Parry 0U (3d+3 cut with Divine Might)
Pick Swing-20: 2d+2 imp, Reach 1, Parry 0U (3d+2 imp with Divine Might; becomes stuck)
Shield Bash-17: 1d+1 cr, Reach 1 (2d+1 cr with Divine Might)
Loadouts & Encumbrance
Travel Load (All equipment): 145 lbs, Light Encumbrance (Move 4, Dodge 9)
Combat Load (Armor, Weapons, Shield, Personal Gear): 95.5 lbs, Light Encumbrance (Move 4, Dodge 9)
Damage Resistance
Arm DR 7 on 1-3; Leg DR 7 on 1; Face DR 0 on 1-2; Pelvis, Hands, Neck DR 7; DR 22 Vitals. DR is otherwise 11 (+2 for the skull).

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