Bril is a God, part of a forgotten pantheon that includes Hartun, Yoilanta, and Danu. Bril is the god of the hunt. He respects those who patiently outthink their prey and opponents. He is also the god of tactics, trickery and drinking. He is the patron of strategists, hunters and those who succeed against long odds by their wit.

Although Völundr does not appear to be part of the pantheon, there are references in the myths to a similar figure who serves a foil and rival to Bril.


Morality and Tenets of FaithEdit

Game MechanicsEdit

Pacts and Required AbilitiesEdit

Divine ElementsEdit

Bril's divine elements are Chaos, Deception, and War.

Divine Servitors mass combat stats
Divine Elements TS Class Notes
Chaos, Chaos 4 (C3I)
Deception, Deception 3 (Rec)
War, War 4 -
Chaos, Deception 3 (C3I), (Rec)
Chaos, War 4 (C3I)
Deception, War 3 (Rec)

Optional TraitsEdit

Priests of Bril tend to be puckish and often display annoying traits like Prankster [-1] or, in extreme cases, Trickster [-15]. When they acquire this trait it is often offset by the Daredevil [15] advantage.