Character CreationEdit

Troupe Play Edit

Each player must start with two characters and will generally need two characters. Only a single character can be on screen at a time and players will be allowed to switch out characters at certain times announced by the GM.

Templates Edit

Everyone is required to use the Resistance Template.

Changed TraitsEdit

In general, see House Rules.

Atypically Useless Skills Edit

Gesture and Urban Survival are both typical Dungeon Fantasy type skills that are not likely to come up in play. Don't bother putting points in them.

Typically Useless Skills Edit

Abstract knowledge skills, such as Accounting, Current Affairs, History, Literature, Sociology, and Expert Skills, are not going to be used in the game. Crafting skills, aside from Alchemy, Armoury, and Herb Lore are also rarely going to be used. If for some reason a PC needs to roll against one of these skills, the roll will be against default if the skill is not part of the character's background or IQ if it is.

Typically Useful Skills Edit

The following skills are likely to be useful for solving problems in the game. Everyone should have bolded skills at the start of campaign. Everyone will probably want skills in italics at some point in the game: Acrobatics, Acting, Alchemy, Armoury, Body Sense, Brawling or Boxing or Karate, Camouflage, Carousing, Climbing, Detect Lies, Diagnosis, Diplomacy, Escape, Fast-Talk, First Aid, Hidden Lore, Hold-Out, Interrogation, Intimidation, Judo or Wrestling, Leadership, Lockpicking, Merchant, Melee Weapon, Merchant, Observation, Occultism, Ranged Weapon, Running, Scrounging, Search, Shield, Soldier or Tactics, Stealth, Strategy, Survival, Swimming, Thaumatology, Throwing, Tracking, Traps.


Sample Armors - Some typical armor designs for the Empire of Night and the Resistance.