9% of the Fae Court population, often gentry and nobles.

Physical Traits Edit

Unseelie. Vaguely human, but with wings for arms and large, dexterous, clawed feet.

Society Edit

Racial TemplateEdit

Cribog [36] #FIXME not finished
Claws: Talons [11]
Flight (Cannot Hover -15%; -Winged -25%) [24]
Enhanced Move (Air) 1 [20]
Extra Arm 1 (Accessibility: Not while flying -20%; Temporary Disadvantage: One Legged -20%) [6]
Feature: Uses legs for arms, and arms for wings, when flying [0]
Fae Mana Dependency [-25]

Optional Traits Edit

Mass Combat Notes Edit

Cribogs serve in the Fae military as flying archers.

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