Danu is a God, part of a forgotten pantheon that includes Bril, Yoilanta, and Hartun. Danu is the all-mother, Creatrix of every living thing.


Morality and Tenets of FaithEdit

Danu gently but firmly demands respect for the young and their mothers and does not tolerate people who mistreat them. A stern household and high expectations are fine, but domestic or child abuse is anathema.

Game Mechanics Edit

Pacts and Required AbilitiesEdit

Danu's Pact is Sense of Duty: (Young and their caretakers) [-5]. Priests of Danu must also have some domestic skill (e.g. housekeeping, sewing, cooking &c.) at 12+.

Divine ElementsEdit

Danu's divine elements are Life (Birth), Order, and Peace (Mercy).

Divine Servitors mass combat stats
Divine Elements TS Class Notes
Life, Life 2 Rec Cancels 4 TS worth of casualties
Order, Order 2 C3I, Rec
Peace, Peace 3 (F)
Life, Order 2 Rec Cancels 4 TS worth of casualties
Life, Peace 3 (F) Cancels 4 TS worth of casualties
Order, Peace 3 (F), Rec

Optional TraitsEdit

Priests of Danu often have