Diana Behm was the leader of the Resistance in Dorget County. She was a careful and cunning planner who built up a Resistance network to watch over activities around the Black Library.

With the establishment of the Ruling Council of The Liberation, she was rewarded for her work by being enobled as Countess Grimstut and began administering Dorget County and Grimstut city. She had (very) cordial relations with Himmel Detfinger, Count Kristinsund, her northern neighbor, and was heavily involved in smuggling weapons and armor across the Helin River to the Mortilbaser and Buctun Resistance forces.

When Grimstut was overrun by Orc forces under Tusked Banner Taeza Prulo in June 508, she chose to stay in the city and work against the orcs. She was identified by collaborators, captured, and executed.

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