The Resistance in Engenstut County knows little of dwarfs. They are a stout, hardy, and muscular people with a habit of wearing long beards. They live on, or perhaps in, the mountains of the Dwarfen Safeholds. They are still free of the Empire of Night, but are under constant siege, and are hard-pressed and loosing ground. Every year, in daily desperate fights in the passes and in the mining tunnels, the Dwarfs kill dozens of orcs and lose one of their number and count themselves as having made a poor trade.

The Dwarfs have taken Minotaur refugees, but neither race appreciates the forced alliance. Minotaurs find dwarfen halls to be dank, cramped, and stifling, while Dwarfs feel the refugees don't contribute much to their defensive battles but do eat a lot of food.

The rare Dwarf refugee sometimes make his way to Engenstut and is smuggled into the Visten forest. The Tzavarim avoid the small dwarfen communities and the Resistance generally loses track of them as they migrate to avoid orcish incursions.

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