Each PC will earn 2 CP during any session they participate in.

Bonus CP will be awarded for the following reasons:

  • Memorable role-playing in the GM's estimation. This includes playing out your quirks, voluntarily or noticeably suffering from your disadvantages, or otherwise acting as your character is described.
  • Significant accomplishments. This means achieving goals.
    • Specifically, liberating Engenstut County, liberating Cape Har, and liberating Hanist are each worth 30 CP to each PC.
    • Other goals may provide CP to the PCs involved in achieving the goals or to all PCs, depending on the goal.
  • Contributing to the wiki. Examples include adding session recaps, writing up a PC or NPC, or adding useful background detail. These bonus CPs awarded to the player and can be applied to one PC.
  • Making the game more fun. This is a catch-all category for keeping the game flowing, organizing the players, taking initiative during moments of silence, or other acts that make the GM's life easier and the game more fun for other participants. These bonus CPs awarded to the player and can be applied to one PC.

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