The Fae Court, if it exists, is the independent nation of the Fae in the forests to the northeast of Zerniless. The western border of the Fae Court are the mountains of the Dwarven Safeholds, but the Fae Court are not allied to the dwarves. It is unclear if the Empire of Night is at war against the Fae Court. Northwest of the Fae Court are the mana-poor Savage Lands, unclaimed by man, dwarf, or fae.

The Fae Court is a monarchy, supported by a feudal aristocracy. Recently, the reigning Queen sent out an ambassador to the Resistance of Hanist and possibly other ambassadors to other lands. Ambassador Aisling was attacked enroute by Orcs, her bodyguards killed and her fine clothes and identification destroyed.


Around 140,000 Fae live in the forests of the Fae Court. Another 22000 Minotaurs farm the northeast peninsula and 8000 kobolds and dwarf refugees mine in the southeastern and western hills. All of them pay tribute to the Fae Queen but have no say in the governance of the Court.

Fianna Ard Mara serves as the capitol during the summer months, though the permanent population is barely large enough to support a twice weekly market. The fae nobles prefer to live among their beloved trees when not actively involved in resolving the business of government.

Pulshly is a Minotaur city of 5000 in the north central coast that ships food upriver to the dwarven miners in the nearby hills.

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