Finbar Gullvan is Old Man of the Resistance, an elderly peasant who has participated in two previous uprisings and has the battle wounds to prove it. As a young man, he fought in an ambush against the Orcs of Trones but was grievously wounded, losing an arm. He was still recuperating when the rest of his fellows were wiped out by the regiment coming out of Swartun. He survived and helped establish a new generation of Resistance fighters a generation later. He was second in command of that attempt at rebellion. When the leader died early fighting the orcs of Trones, Finbar froze up and managed to get the remaining forces killed. He himself barely survived.

Another generation later, and Finbar is older and wiser. He still hates the orcs and believes strongly in the Resistance. He recognizes that he is neither a warrior not a general, but he is an experienced survivor with a 40 year history of evading the orc overlords. He's also an avid collector of rumors and scraps of history about other attempts at rebellion, and is the closest thing the Resistance has to a historian.

Finbar now serves as a senior advisor to the latest generation of the Resistance. He keeps his own counsel, but can be relied upon to provide clear ideas for what to do next if asked. He publicly admits his inability to fight or general, but he is clever about hiding things and moving them from place to place without attracting the attention of the orcs, and what resources the Resistance has are mostly due to his careful work.

In June 508, Finbar was appointed Count Engenstut and began to serve on the Ruling Council as First Counselor of The Liberation. He collects and organizes captured records from orc fortresses and citadels, and oversees a group of scribes and clerks who review and analyze the data. His economic analysis bureau has started providing some insights into the Empire of Night, especially the nature of The Dwarf War and the limits of the economy of the eastern half of the Empire.

Game Mechanics
Combat Paralysis [-15]
One-Arm [-15]
Incompetent: Strategy
Reserved [-1]
Area Knowledge (Engenstut County)-16
Area Knowledge (Hanist)-13
History (pre-Imperial)-9
History (Empire of Night)-9
Intelligence Analysis (Statemanship)-15
Strategy-2 (default)