This is some thinking on fortifications and building costs.

Garrison SpaceEdit

It takes 30-50 sqft of space to house 2 infantry soldiers

minimum is a 2' wide, 6' long bunk with 2' of space to the next cot and 2' of walk space at the foot of the cot. Bunks are stacked 2 high.
reasonable is a 2.5', 6' bunk with 2' of space to the next cot and ~3' of walk space at the foot of the cot.
maximum is is a 2.5', 6' bunk with 2' of space to the next cot and ~5' of walk space at the foot of the cot. Some of this space might be repurposed for other things (eating spaces, armories, etc).

Cavalry stables require 12'x16' (a 12'x12' stall and 4' for walk space in front of it, 200 sqft) per horse and cannot have more than 1 level.

Building Garrison Spacing Floors Interior Area Required walls
Square Tower 120 Reasonable 4+Basement 500 sqft 4x25'x36'
Long Barracks 120 maximum 3 + Basement 1000 sqft 2x20'x27' + 2x50'x27'
Small stable 20 stables 1 4000 sqft 2x32'x20' + 2x120'x20'
Large stable 50 stables 1 20000 sqft 2x32'x20' + 2x300'x20'

In all cases, add the width of the walls to the length of the walls to account for corners. (ie, a square tower with 10' walls requires 4 walls, 35' by 36', and has a footprint of 45' by 45'.)

Typical WallsEdit

Wall Type Material and Thickness Cost per foot
Curtain 3' of concrete, 15' packed earth, 3' of concrete $900
Tower 3' of concrete, 4' packed earth, 3' of concrete $800
Stronghold 1' of brick, 1' packed earth, 1' of brick $100
Perimeter 2' of concrete $250
Palisade 1' of wood $15

Typical ConstructionEdit

Simple StrongholdEdit

45' Square Tower with 10' walls: $4.53M
Frestanding small stable with brick stronghold walls: $0.25M
130' square perimeter walls, 12' tall: $1.56M

Houses 120 + 20 horses, $6.34M

Basic CastleEdit

6 long barracks, brick stronghold walls, 1 long wall against a curtain wall: $1.5M
4 Large stables, brick stronghold walls, 1 long wall against a curtain wall: $3M
7 45' square towers with 10' walls (one at each corner, one in the middle of each long wall, one is a gatehouse): $31.71M
2 curtain walls, 150', and 2 curtain walls, 600', all 30' tall: $40M

Houses 1200 + 200 horses, $76.21M


Control Earth can be used to help build a castle.

Control Level Max Weight Cu ft Time to lift (s) Troop Skill
3 90 1/2 7 Good
4 160 1 5 Crack
5 250 1.5 4 Elite
6 360 2 3 Elite

Time to lift is the amount of time it takes to move a max weight of stone 10 yds vertically and 10 yards horizontally (representing moving from a random outcrapping to the top of a wall).

Building Volume Good Time Crack Time Elite Time
45' square tower 50K cuft 25 days 9 days 3 days
Simple Stronghold 63K cuft 31 days 12 days 4 days
Basic Castle 1250K cuft 625 days
28 months
225 days
10 months
75 days
4 months

These build times depend on the castle being built on a stone quarry or equivalent, with stone being supernaturally pulled from the ground and moved immediately into the walls. Assuming the spellcaster's wages of $60K/month, a Good quality spellcasting unit reduces the cost of a simple cast by 95%.

If a castle is built on defensible position without an excellent source of rocks underneath it, spellcasters can speed quarrying without approaching these speeds. A unit of Good quality or better spellcasters devoted to building a castle quadruples the effectiveness of any money spent on building the castle that month, exclusive of the cost of the spellcaster.

Example: A modern fortress has a minimum build time of 12 months and costs $100M. Normally, a builder would spend $8.5M/month for 12 months to build a fortress. For $2.06M/month, the same fortress can be built in 12 months for total of $26M.


Fortification DB Capacity Base Cost Build Time Minimum Build Time
Simple Stronghold +4 120 $6M 12K man-months (6 months) 2 months
Basic Castle +6 1200 $80M 152K man-months (7 years) 12 months
Modern Fortress +8 1200 $160M
200K man-months (13 years) 15 months
Modern Citadel +9 2400 $300M
360K man-months (25 years) 24 months

Build times are based on spending $1M a month.

Extra capacity increases cost by 50% for each increase of base capacity (ie, a Modern Fortress that houses 3600 costs $200M). Reduced capacity costs 70% of normal for half capacity, 50% of normal for quarter capacity.

Increasing DB increases costs by 50% per DB increase. Calculate this after calculating the cost for increased or reduced capacity.

Fortifications are usually purchased on a month to month basis. Each man-month of labor costs $0.5K. A modern citadel with a completion date of 7 years costs $2.15M per month for 84 months or $10M for 18 months.

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