A realm of forests and hills on the north shore of the Empire. It abuts the Silver Sound and controls the eastern side of the Magnipont. Menkgu defines its southern border and the Empire has expanded its territory to include the northern end of the Dwarven Safeholds.

Gandabria's northeast border is an active war zone, as the Dwarves resist being pushed further away from their holy city of Sestiturn and closer to their capitol of Tumunzahar. The Empire has spent the last century expanding the Imperial road network to improve the supply situation at Sestiturn and its supporting citadel of Thorvrast.


Hex count:

Total: 72
Lake: 1
Forest: 26
Mountain: 5
Hills: 14
Plains: 25

Average population density in the plains is 24K/hex (11 people/mi versus 15 people/mi in Hanist), 12K/hex in forests, 6K/hex in mountains, 16K/hex in hills. Total population is 1200K, guarded by 36 regiments, 4 legion HQs, and 1-2 active legions. It has 8 major cities/towns (Sestiturin and Hadhorond are captured dwarf cities - repopulated by kobolds?).

Only have ~14 regimental fortresses on the map; might need to add more.

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