The God Wards are sites located through the Empire of Night. Presumably created by Dread Emperor Karsen, they limit the ability of the Gods to influence the world and prevent the Incarnate Hope from reincarnating and challenging Karsen.


  1. Stinecrice in Hanist. This God Ward has been broken.
  2. Somewhere in or near the Dwarven Safeholds.
  3. In a forest far in the northwest.
  4. On a section of plains in the southwest, around Isenmarch.
  5. In the Dodenrike.


Each God Ward is both a prison for the Gods and a place to speak with the Gods. Anyone entering a God Ward is subject to trials, the traps and guardians that Karsen left to prevent people from destroying the ward. They are also subject to testings, the efforts of the Gods to find servants of faith and ability. Anyone who passes the trials and testings will be given an opportunity to speak briefly with the Gods, as well as destroy the ward.

It is not known if the testings remain after the trials have been successfully completed.