Not much is known about the gods as they were worshiped before the Empire of Night. Imperial forces savagely murdered priests, burnt catechisms, and destroyed shrines and temples. Only a few devoted souls ever made contact with the gods through independent devotion.

Per the word of the Gods themselves, they are currently locked out of contact with the world by the God Wards, put up by the Usurper. The Resistance believes the Usurper to be Dread Emperor Karsen, who wants to keep the Incarnate Hope from reincarnating and killing him.

Known GodsEdit

Forge God, worshiped by Ariana Rees, 20% of the other priests in the Liberation Army mage elements, and 50% of the kobold smiths. He is less accepted among the common populace.

Known DemigodsEdit

The Incarnate Hope were a group of demi-gods made flesh to fight Dread Lord Karsen.

The Battle Maiden
A cavalry archer and possibly the scout or pathfinder among the Incarnate Hope. Possibly reincarnated in Nayla.
The Red Death
A master swordsman said to have fought not for principle, but for the promise of reward. Stories conflict: some say that he betrayed the Incarnate Hope, and others that he forsook his greed and died for the cause.
The Siege Lord
No stories are clear on the Siege Lord's role in the group: leader of armies, maker of weapons, or battlefield warrior. What is known (inasmuch anything is 'known') is that he was the first of the Incarnate Hope to die.

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