Gravecall is a Luminal, believed to waging war against the Dwarfen Safeholds from northern Zerniless.

Gravecall is reported to be a necromancer. Officers of the Empire of Night that fail to live up to the Luminal's standards are executed and their souls turned into wraiths, a horrible and endlessly excruciating process. The Luminal also employs a massive horde of zombies.

It is generally believed that Gravecall is not involved in the Civil War and continues the war against the Dwarfs throughout 508 ANI. As the wealth of Hanist and Venrike was sent to Menkgu and not Zerniless, the Luminal's resources may be comparatively limited. Still, Gravecall's Legion may be one of the few Imperial units in the eastern Empire that can replenish losses after the start of the Civil War.