Hartun is a God, part of a forgotten pantheon that includes Bril, Yoilanta, and Danu. Hartun is the father of the gods and husband of Danu.


Morality and Tenets of FaithEdit

He demands familial loyalty and the respect of his children. Those he finds worthy will sometimes have their anxieties assuaged by his bolstering presence. He respects quiet competence and abhors braggarts and chatterboxes.

Game MechanicsEdit

Pacts and Required AbilitiesEdit

Hartun's Pact is Vow: Silence unless actively working [-5]. Priests of Hartun must also have any three skills, including Law at 13+, and cannot have Theology or Religious Ritual higher than their highest other skill level. They may also not have any mental disadvantages more severe than [-10] to represent their character and stability.

As representatives of the judge of the gods, the priests of Hartun are often sought for their fair and reasonable judgement in the resolution of disputes. Occasionally judgments on important matters will be pronounced and have the ancillary effect of being sealed with a Geas if Hatrun feels particularly strongly about the enforcement of the outcome. This does not violate the Laws of Magic.

Divine ElementsEdit

Hartun's divine elements are Fear, Order, and Peace.

Divine Servitors mass combat stats
Divine Elements TS Class Notes
Fear, Fear 2 (Rec)
Order, Order 2 C3I, Rec
Peace, Peace 4 (F)
Fear, Order 3 (F), Rec
Fear, Peace 3 (F), (Rec)
Order, Peace 3 Rec

Optional TraitsEdit

Priests of Hartun often have Intolerance (Braggarts) [-1] and Workaholic [-5] is common among priests who adopt Hartun's personality traits more seriously .