Imps are a kind of demon. They are not natural inhabitants of the world and can be dispersed with enough damage. They do not have internal organs and their ectoplasmic bodies are immune to most biological threats.

Physical Description Edit

Imps are humanoid, with red skin, coal black eyes, and sharp horns on their foreheads. Their long, prehensile tails are topped with a massive stinger, and the black claws on their hands, feet, and wings are capable of shredding flesh.

Society Edit

Imps have no society outside of their military service to the Empire of Night. Imps do not seem to understand the concept of lying and are extremely rude.

Racial Template Edit

Imp [80]
ST +1 [5]
Perception +1 [10]
Claws (Talons) [8]
Dark Vision [25]
Doesn't Breath, Drink, Eat, or Sleep [50]
Extra Arm (Tail; Extra-Flexible +50%; Weak -25%) [13]
Flight (Cannot Hover -10%; Winged -25%; Mana Dependent -10%) [22]
High Pain Threshold [10]
Immunity to Metabolic Hazards [30]
Injury Tolerance (Homogeneous) [40]
Striker (Horns: Impaling; Cannot Parry -40; Weak -50%) [1]
Ignition [1]
Bully [-10]
Callous [-5]
Dependency (Blood, Very Common, Daily) [-15]
Dependency (Mana, Very Common, Constantly) [-25]
Fragile (Unnatural) [-50]
Low Empathy [-20]
Odious Personal Habit -1: Insultingly Frank [-5]
Truthful [-5]

Optional Traits Edit

Sadism is extremely common among imps, as well as some kind Code of Honor that prevents them from insulting or attacking their allies.

Mass Combat Notes Edit

Imps are Flying Infantry in mass combat.

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