Thalanil Aranimestel, Count NimlothEdit

Interrogated on October 4th, during the Siege of Catonodo.

Reinforcements available to the Dragonkin
They can maybe pull in another regiment of garrison troops. They can replace casualties with imps/demons, but they would prefer not to. They already have and they're just not as good.
Who did Scather answer to?
Marshal Scather answers only to the Emperor, and not to any of those impostors, pretenders, usurpers, or traitors to the West! He is in contact with Arcane Gravecaller, Marshal Beardburner, Marshal Sanguine, and Tusked Banner Taeza Kig.
What were your objectives?
Squash the rebellion, punish the traitorous/incompetent orcs, get back to the real War.
What's going on in the west?
Civil war. He's not exactly sure of the current alliances and factional politics or really what's going on though supposedly some forces have retreated into western Gandabria.
What are the Legion's weaknesses?
They lack replacement troops, so they can't really engage in offensive operations. Lack of food, replacement supplies in general from Hanist would be a further problem if they were trying to attack. Fortunately, they can stand on the defense but sadly that means that filthy blockheads aren't dying.
What surprises do they have?
They have lots of ogres, bunch of trolls, some giants, lots of ghosts and wraiths, a few giant beasts, but all of that is up around Sestiturin and Rockhound won't leave the War. Marshals Beardburner and Sanguine have some other tricks up their sleeves.

Thindis Laurefin, Baron AraralmapalarEdit

Interrogated south of Gurogeba on November 9th.

What are the Imperial troop dispositions?
General Magolon cowers in Puttayos with 5 regiments. General Aarinke holds 6 regiments at Gurogeba, and when the road is complete, he will be reinforced by General Tyelka's 6 regiments out of Shimoshudon and they will cross the Zav and Guwusay and descend on Gedupedo. The miserable Liberation forces will be pinned against the Zav at Puttayos and destroyed, or will be pursued south to their destruction.

There are only token garrisons beyond the Puttayos-Gurogeba-Shimoshudon line.

How is the War against the Dwarfs going?
Well, but briefly falling behind schedule. The lack of reinforcements from the west means the Imperial forces cannot risk assaulting the dwarf citadels. Despite your insolent rebellion, tax revenues remain adequate - though there are rumors that the Stonerazers are having to send supplies to the Dragonkin and Crimson Storm legions.
How do Imperial Wizards keep from going insane from breaking the Laws of Magic?
They use superior magical technique, taught to them by Dread Emperor Karsen.
Jerren and Attivi don't believe that Imperial technique is different from their own stuff or that of the Orcs. The Imperials seem to hold this belief sincerely, though.