The Luminals are the high aristocracy of the Empire of Night. They are the archdukes that rule provinces, the generals and marshals that command legions and larger armies, the archbishops and bishops of the black churches, and the archmages in arcane glory. They are the favored lieutenants and confidants of the Dread Emperor Karsen.

The Luminals deliberately cultivate an aura of mystery about themselves, wearing masks and all concealing body armor when appear in public. Most peasants do not know the name of the overlords of their lands, much less any details about their abilities, skills, preferences, or proclivities. Even the orcs are unclear on the names of their masters.

Speculation Edit

All known Luminals are Elfs, and it appears the aristocrats of Hanist were all elf. It is possible that all Luminals are elf.

Known Luminals Edit

Whitemist is the archmage of Hanist and the custodian of the Black Library.
Masque is a legendary bodyguard of the Dread Emperor Karsen.
Gravecaller is a necromancer in Zerniless involved in the war against the Dwarfen Safeholds.

Rumored Luminals Edit

In messages and records seized from the orcs, the Resistance has seen references to these names that may be Luminals.


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