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Michael Jones


7ft, Orange eyes, Dark Brown Hair. He is a Squallite and hate violence but knows it is his duty to help and hopes bring peace. He keeps to himself and is very uptight. He doesn't talk much about himself. He is a kind person with a heart of gold but sometimes just doesn't know how to show it.


Michael was picked on by the other Squalite's because he was shorter than the rest of the Squalite's and didn't have as good acrobatic skills. He met Skyler one day when he fell out of a tree. They got talking and soon became friends. Squalites are odd looking and keep to themselves because of orcs. Skyler didn't care Michael was different and just wanted a friend. Skyler taught Michael about the resistance and encouraged Michael to talk to the squalites about joining. The Squalite High Elders agreed to join on a trial bases and sent Michael with little archery skills and training because one he was the short one and he hung out with humans to much(hoping he would get it out of his system) and sent a few others to help keep orcs away. (Maybe if Orcs see squalites over there they won't think here over here). Michael is shy and has low self confidence but he is working on that. He is the kindest most gentlest person you will meet (all squalites are kind) has no taste for adventure but will listen to orders and if you want an adventure he will use his danger sense to get you as close as he can. 

Race: Squallite

Attributes [89]
ST 13 [14]
DX 13 [60]
IQ 12 [15] (IQ includes +1 from 'Squallite IQ Bonus')
HT 11 [10]
HP 13
Will 12 [20]
Per 13 [20] (Perception includes +1 from 'Squallite Perception Bonus')
FP 11
Basic Lift 39
Damage 1d/1d+1
Basic Speed 5.5
Basic Move 5
Ground Move 5
Water Move 1
Advantages [91]
Acute Hearing (1) [2]
Acute Vision (2) [4]
Danger Sense [15]
Heroic Archer [20]
Lifting ST (1) [1]
Luck [15]
Weapon Master (Bow) (one specific weapon) [20]
Reputation (Resistance Member) 1 (All the time; Almost everyone)
Squallite (24)
Long Legs [10*]
Night Vision (1) [1*]
Racial Skill Bonus (Acrobatics) (1) [2*]
Racial Skill Bonus (Climbing) (1) [2*]
Squallite IQ Bonus (1) [20*]
Squallite Perception Bonus (1) [5*]
Trance Sleep [1*]
Increased SM +1 [-10]
Stubbornness [-5*]
Cannot Float [-1*]
Distinctive Feature (Glowing Eyes) [-1*]
Disadvantages [-35]
Code of Honor (Soldier's) [-10]
Low Self-Image [-10]
Selfless (12 or less) [-5]
Skinny [-5]
Workaholic [-5]
Quirks [-2]
Alcohol Intolerance [-1]
Dull [-1]
Skills [57]
Acrobatics DX/H - DX-0 13 [2]
includes: +1 from 'Racial Skill Bonus (Acrobatics)'
Area Knowledge (local) IQ/E - IQ+0 12 [1]
Bow DX/A - DX+7 20 [28]
Brawling DX/E - DX+0 11 [1]
Blind Fighting-10 (Per-3) [1]
Breaking Blow-10 (IQ-2) [1]
Camouflage IQ/E - IQ+0 12 [1]
Cartography/TL3 IQ/A - IQ+0 12 [2]
Climbing DX/A - DX+0 13 [1]
includes: +1 from 'Racial Skill Bonus (Climbing)'
Diplomacy IQ/H - IQ+0 12 [4]
Fast-Draw (Arrow) DX/E - DX+0 13 [1]
First Aid/TL3 (Human) IQ/E - IQ+0 12 [1]
Meditation Will/H - Will-2 10 [1]
Naturalist (Earth) IQ/H - IQ-2 10 [1]
Navigation/TL3 (Land) IQ/A - IQ-1 11 [1]
Observation Per/A - Per+3 16 [4]
includes: +2 from 'Acute Vision'
Public Speaking-12 (IQ+0) [2]
Stealth DX/A - DX+1 15 [8]
Throwing DX/A - DX-1 12 [1]
Two-Handed Sword DX/A - DX+1 14 [4]
Zen Archery-9 (IQ-3) [1]
Stats [89] Ads [91] Disads [-35] Quirks [-2] Skills [57] = Total [200]
Hand Weapons
1  Large Orcish Falchion  LC:4  $625  Wgt: 4.5 lbs
  Sword swing  Dam: 1d+4 cu  Reach:1,2  Parry:9  ST:9†  Skill:SK:Sword!, SK:Two-Handed Sword, ST:DX-5, SK:Broadsword-4, SK:Force Sword-4  
  Sword thrust  Dam: 1d im  Reach:2  Parry:9  ST:9†  Skill:SK:Sword!, SK:Two-Handed Sword, ST:DX-5, SK:Broadsword-4, SK:Force Sword-4  
Ranged Weapons
1  Composite bow (ST 13)  LC:4  Dam:1d+3 imp  Acc:3  Range:x20/x25
  RoF:1  Shots:1(2)  ST:10†  Bulk:-7  Rcl:  $900  Wgt:4  Notes:[3]  
  You do 1d+6 with your bow, equivalent to a 2.8d Innate Impaling

Attack, worth [23]. Rapid Fire +5 is a +70% enhancement, so [16].  

  DR X (Forcefield +20%, Front Only -20%) [5*X]  
Armor & Possessions
1  Compass  $50  Wgt:0  Location:  
1  Hip Quiver  $15  Wgt:1  Location:
10 Obsidian Arrows
40 Stone Arrows
Meteoric Iron arrows
1  Writing Tools (Pencil & Paper)  $10  Wgt:.5  Location:  

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