This is a list of the known and suspected military units of the Empire of Night. Most are Orc regiments, but the legions are believed to be commanded by Luminals and have a much more varied composition.

Known Legions Edit

Name Location General Status
Marauders Unknown, formerly Hanist Masque(?) Unknown
Mauraders(?) Unknown, formerly Hanist Masque(?) Unknown
Red Devils Unknown, formerly Hanist Sanguine(?) Unknown
Whitewers Zerniless Gravecaller Believed to be in low supply
Beardburners Menkgu Unknown Uncertain
Unknown 1 Gandabria Unknown Uncertain
Dragonkin Gandabria Unknown 5 Regiments advancing on Catonodo

Known Regiments Edit

Name Location Banner Symbol Banner Taeza Status
Dogbloods Swartun, Travgrave, Costvud* Red dog head on yellow field, 2 black chevrons beneath Gulm Destroyed
Night Axes Ravenrock, Vestning Krufe* Blue axes on light grey field Bonak Destroyed
Bonespears Elvby*, Hortskink, Grimstut, (Skogsty, Swartlug) Crossed white spears on red field Brool Destroyed
Red Swords Southern Hanist Crossed red swords on a yellow field, red border Vik Destroyed
Ironskins Southern Hanist White standing knight on a red field Krag Destroyed
Gloomfangs Vartop, Western Hanist White fangs on a blue field Rigar Partially destroyed; 7 companies active
Skullbreakers Western Hanist White skull and hammer on a green field with a white border Prulo Destroyed
Night Fangs Western Hanist Blue fangs on a gray field with a yellow chevron beneath Krilo Destroyed
Fire Tusks Landzby and Northern Hanist Red tusks on a yellow field Rolg Destroyed
Bearslayers Northern Hanist Brown bear head on a red field Vak Destroyed
Dogbloods Northern Hanist Red dog head on yellow field, 1 black orb Prurk Destroyed
Black Thunders Southern Venrike Black lightning bolts on a green field Hink Destroyed
Iron Hooves Northern Venrike Two grey horses on a green field Pogar Mostly destroyed; 2 companies active
Woodhounds Southern Zerniless Red wolves on a green field Gurg Active; 2 companies destroyed and Gurg captured
Night Fangs Southern Zerniless Blue fangs on a gray field with a red stripe beneath Prak Active; 1 company destroyed
Black Drakes Southern Zerniless Black dragon on a blue field Erool Active
Blazers Central Zerniless Red orb on a yellow field Vuugar Active
Skullbreakers Central Zerniless White skull and hammer on a green field, with two black orbs beneath Gralg Active
Dogbloods Northern Zerniless Red dog head on yellow field and a red border Prort Active
Snake Eaters Southern Menkgu Green snake on a yellow field Vag Mostly destroyed; 4 companies remaining
Thunder Hooves South Eastern Menkgu Black rearing horse on yellow field quartered with white lightning on a blue field Brur Active
Red Swords Toridy Jiman in Menkgu Crossed red swords on a yellow field, black border Gank Active, companies lost to Sven

Known Independent Companies Edit

Name Location Banner Symbol Pennant Zo Status
2nd Guork's Pale Hands Duzen Iken White hand on a black field Kong Destroyed
9th Allfather's Lifeguards Stinecrice Black crown on a white field quartered with a white shield on a red field Murzush Destroyed
1st Gharza's Nightbloods Mobile Red crescent moon with a drop of blood on a black field Gharza Brokentooth Active

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