Game mechanics wise, we're ignoring Rank, Status, and Wealth for PCs in this game. But I want to write up some details so here we go.

These musings do not affect PC point totals!


The Liberation is a TL 3+1 (effectively TL4) society, with a typical monthly pay of $800. The PCs have a monthly spending budget of ~$60M after expenses, or roughly $5M per PC. Even though the PCs aren't given $5M in cash at the start of the month, they have unlimited authority to disperse those funds, so it seems fair to treat it as their wealth.

$5M/month is roughly 1000 times the starting income, so each PC is a Multimillionaire [75].


There are two formal types of rank worth mentioning: Administrative Rank and Military rank. Administrative Rank represents control of the limited Liberation tax system and justice; Military rank is rank inside the Liberation Army.

Rank Administration Level Army Rank
1 Village Headman Decanus
2 Town Mayor Decurio, Tesserarius (+1 CR)
3 City Mayor, Regional Administrator Century Decurio, Optio, Century Princeps (+1 CR)
4 Count Princeps Primorus, Cohort Vertex (+1 CR), Auctorus
5 (Duke?) Vertex Dux, Auctorus Rex
6 (Vice-Consul?) General
7 Consul Consul

A Rank 3 Regional Administrator would administer the area around an orc stronghold, making decisions for roughly 8-12 thousand people. Each Count has 3-6 Regional Administrators that report to them.

A 5 Rank Administrator (Duke?) would have about 6 Counts reporting to him. A Rank 6 administrator (Vice-Consul?) would control an entire nation, such as Hanist or Zerniless.


All of the PCs have imputed Status 2 from their wealth. Most are also Counts, for another +1 imputed Status. Some are also senior army officers, for another +2 imputed status.

Effectively, though, PCs are "trusted allies of the Consul" for Status 5. Different PCs would pay differing amounts of CP for that final status, if the game were charging for Status.

Imputed Status levels
Status PCs
0 Cartwright, Tezcatlipoca
2 Nayla, Nesta, Zarathras
3 Attivi, Ariana, (NPCs like Finbar, Vaipnesterk, Most Counts)
4 Aisling, Hloomawl, Sven
5 Greex
6 Trahaern
Status examples
Status Liberated Lands Empire of Night
8 N/A Dread Emperor
7 N/A Imperial family, Favored Luminals
6 Consul Luminals
5 Trusted allies of the Consul, including some members of the Ruling Council High nobility
4 Counts and other members of the Ruling Council Nobility
3  ??? Lesser nobility
2 City mayors Orc officers and cavalry
1 Military officers, village headmen Orc infantry, collaborators, favored craftsmen, town mayors
0 Average townsmen Average townsmen, village headmen
-1 Average villagers Average villagers

Advantages and DisadvantagesEdit

Most PCs have 75 points in Wealth, 0-20 points in Administrative Rank, 0-30 points in Military Rank, and often 0-20 points in Status for about 100 points. All of this is balanced by Duty 15 or less (Extremely Hazardous) [-20] and Enemy (The Empire; Huge group; 12 or less) [-80].