A member of the Incarnate Hope, the Red Death was a peerless swordsman with the disturbing habit of dressing exclusively in bright red garments so that, during and after battle, his clothing would not appear stained with the blood of his opponents. Several names were given to his sword, among them Dorendahl, Kaliter, and Jram, though it is not certain it was always the same weapon in every story as the legends are confused about the powers it possessed. In any event, the mythology is certainly clear that he was never defeated until he was struck in the heel by a magic arrow, leaving him unable to move and vulnerable to overwhelming onslaught so fierce that, after it was over, neither his body nor weapon could be found.

It is unclear if he died before the final great battle between the Karsen and the Incarnate Hope, or if he died during the battle, or if possibly survived to die later.

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