The Resistance are the successful leaders of the revolution against Dread Emperor Karsen and the Empire of Night. They are the de facto rulers of The Liberation.

Player Characters Edit

Ben Edit

Cartwright - A suave Fae swordsman and political agitator.
Zarathras - A lone dragon intent on fighting tyranny and making his kind more accepted by the world.

Chris Edit

Sven Hurtigruten - An anti-authoritarian rabble-rouser turned cavalry general.
Magnus - His Pegasii steed.
Tezcatlipoca - An ogre warrior and initiated servant of the Winter Queen.

Emily Edit

Hloomawl - An escaped minotaur slave, and Heir to a great minotaur bloodline.
Pirteä - A magic, manic bouncing dinosuar that Hloomawl uses as a steed.
Attivi Valar - A budding sorcerer who's got tired of passive resistance.

Eric Edit

Nesta Bowen - A master spy seeking revenge for years of mistreatment.
Trahaern ab Owen - A war leader and brewer who has been waiting for his chance to kill orcs.


Aisling Mhic Muiris - A Nymph war-leader and diplomat sent by the Fae Court to aid the Resistance.
Ariana Rees - A human blacksmith with a tenuous connection to a forgotten forge-god.
Aetos Dios - A giant, mechanical eagle that serves of Völundr‎, now acting as Ariana's steed.
Backup Characters:
Because character generation is a minigame for some people.
Caoilinn Uí Finnghail - The exiled former leader of a Dynfarch tribe in Zerniless.
Ivo Shandor - An addled mystic from southern Hanist with a talent for the battlefield.
Sthaliss, Orcbane - A reptilian warrior from the deserts of Mengku.
Hirata Shunsho - A tattooed wanderer who can hold his own against an armed squad.
Daria de Socio - A Resistance leader from western Hanist who's mastered the art of the sword alarmingly quickly.

Kiara Edit

Greex "Wrongway" - Kobold spymaster and thief determined to lead his people to freedom.
Nayla - An exceptional archer determined to win the war cleanly.

Non Player CharactersEdit

Engenstut County Edit

Finbar Gullvan - The Old Man of the Resistance, a Senior Advisor.
Kaja Thoen - Artillery captain and commmander of the garrison at Hortskink.

Namdalside County Edit

Uster Vaipnesterk - A Resistance general from Namdalside County in Hanist. He is charismatic leader and a clever recruiter, but an unimaginative strategist.
The Guardian - A giant stone golem, created before the Wars of Empire and buried under Custvud for centuries. Freed, he now serves despite extensive damage including a missing arm and jaw.

Otern CountyEdit

Kara Berg - The leader of the Otern Resistance.

Military PersonnelEdit

Gharza Brokentooth - The original leader of the Orc remnants that Aisling recruited after the Battle of Ravenrock Bridge
Yorg "Strongarm" Kufter - Princeps Primorus in Lubasser County. While he is personally brave, talks a good game, and has impeccable fashion sense, he's obsessed with the idea of the 'heroic last stand' in a way that endangers himself and any troops he leads.
Kell Kohlmann - The leader of Kell's Bloodhounds, an elite unit of guerillas fighting with the Second Legion who has mastered small-unit sneaky tactics in his time fighting with the Liberation.

Deceased Edit

Diana Behm - The first Countess of Grimstut. Killed when orcs overran the city in June 508.
Rigar Gloomfang - The leader of the Orc remnants after the Ambush of Avvinsee.

Vehicles Edit

The Flying Boat - A magical flying boat, taken from Whitemist who had it as a trophy of war.

Former Player Characters Edit

Kathryn Edit

Mikael Orna - A Tzavarim archer sent aid the Resistance in their struggle.
Himmel Detfin - A brash human captain among the Resistance, known for fighting hard and partying harder.

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