Uncompleted GoalsEdit

Finbar Gullvan is a senior advisor to the Resistance, and has proposed the following goals to ensure the liberation of Hanist and its future security.

Further StepsEdit

After the initial success of the uprising, there are a lot of different things the Resistance will need to do. Gullvan has suggestions but it will be up to the leadership to decide on what to prioritize.

Rediscover Lost arts
  • Study the deathly phenomenons of the Dodenrike and determine if there is a safe way to harness them.
  • Find some of the enchanted items of legend.
  • Perform other actions that seem likely to reveal the secrets of unnatural philosophy, thaumaturgy, and the gods.
Make Alliances
Liberate Hanist
  1. Make contact and alliances with Resistance forces in distant counties.
    1. Find the remaining minotaur roadwork company and liberate them.
  2. Defeat the last consolidated orc force now at Grimstut.
  3. Conquer the Orc Citadel at Bergen.
  4. Drive the last orcs out of their scattered fortresses.
Secure The Eastern Flank
  1. Advance into Venrike and destroy the two regiments of orcs there.
Liberate Zerniless
  1. Advance into Zerniless.
  2. Defeat the orcs in their fortresses on the Imperial Highway.
  3. Find the legion in Zerniless and defeat it.
Liberate the Gods
  1. Destroy the remaining four God Wards.
    1. Find and destroy the God Ward in the Dwarven Safeholds.
    2. Find and destroy the God Ward in western forests.
    3. Find and destroy the God Ward beyond Isenmarch.
    4. Find a way to travel into the Dodenrike and destroy the God Ward there.
Become the Incarnate Hope
  1. Research the Incarnate Hope
  2. Learn what it means to become demi-gods
  3. Learn how to become demi-gods
  4. Become demi-gods
Put an End to Dread Emperor Karsen's Threat
  1. March north across the plains, fighting any orc forces and recruiting cavalry.
  2. Turn west in the hills and make for the Magnipont. Cross the Silver Sound.
  3. Head southwest to the capitol and destroy Karsen once and for all.

Completed GoalsEdit

As the Resistance achieves their objectives, they should be moved from the previous list to this list.

Begin the uprising
  1. Ambush an orc patrol, thereby demonstrating the Resistance can fight.
  2. Recruit local villagers in Engenstut County.
  3. Defeat the reprisal force sent by the local Orc company.
  4. Assault and conquer the local orc fortress of Swartun.
Liberate Hanist
  1. Conquer the Orc Citadels at Elverum and Skien.
  2. Make contact and alliances with Resistance forces in distant counties.
Rediscover Lost arts
  • Explore the warded ruins at Camp Liberty.
    • Recovered fragments of religious books.
  • Investigate the keep of the Luminal Arcane, in search of the Black Library.
    • Recovered many magical books.
    • Recovered the Flying Boat that Attivi repaired.
  • Defeat the orcs guarding the Stinecrice and learn whatever secrets it may conceal.
    • Passing the testings of the gods gave several people knowledge of theology.
    • Passing the trials destroyed the God Ward and increased the ability of the gods to influence the world.
Make Alliances
  • Contact and make an alliance with the Tzavarim of the Virten Forest
    • In exchange for a grant of the central Virten Forest and south coast, the Tzavarim agree to make a single squad of Tzavarim Druids available each month.

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