The Ruling Council of The Liberation are the advisers to Consul Trahaern ab Owen. They are tasked with developing a unified legal system and advising the Consult in the conduct of the war against the Empire of Night.

Charter Council Members
Trahaern ab Owen, Consul for the Liberated Lands
Greex, Speaker of Kobolds
Ariana Rees, Regina Sanctorum
Hloomawl, Auctorus Rex of the Liberation Army
Uster Vaipnesterk, Count Costvud
Attivi Valar, Count Duzen Iken
Himmel Detfin, Count Kristinsund
Finbar Gullvan, Count Swartun
Heike Kohlberg, Countess Elverum
Albin Dietrich, Count Travgrave
Diana Behm, Countess Grimstut
Kara Berg, Countess Hortskink
Karla Pauli, Countess Elvby

There are two ambassadors from other sovereign nations:

Aisling Mhic Muiris, Ambassador from the Fae Court
Mikael Orna, Ambassador from the Tzavarim of the Virten Forest.

Finbar Gullvan serves as Prime Councilor and organizes the meetings in Trahaern's frequent absences.

As a practical matter, the Council rarely meets in full: Hanist is a large country, and the Counts are not courier riders who can travel 100+ miles in a day. More than half the Council is in active and vigorous service in the military and cannot spare time to attend. The laws are being worked by a subgroup of Gullvan, Kohlberg, Dietrich, and Berg meeting at Hortskink; Vaipnesterk attends as he has time between overseeing training of new Army recruits.

Replacement Counts

With the murder of Countess Grimstut in June 508, the Ruling Council has needed to come up with rules for replacing Counts much earlier than anticipated. After meeting the Countess' surviving adult child and her minor child and grand-children, they decided that any system of inheritance would produce terrible results and decided to continue appointing Counts from people of demonstrated ability and loyalty. Diana Bhem's assistant Brianna Hooper was made the second Countess Grimstut.

Expansion Counts

The counties of Ravenrock, Avvinsee, Rundbord, Groanridder, Soroverstine, Mortilbaser, Buctun, Frederikvud, Skogsty, Swarlug, Vartop, Landzby, and Gicunocoo have been liberated since the establishment of the Council, as well as the cities of Bergen, Frederikstut, Valldalen, Skien, and Ulvik. No Counts have been added for these areas as of June 508.