Sven Hurtigruten
Gender: Male
Age: 41
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair Color: Brown and Grey
Eye Color: Blue
Species: Human


Sven Hurtigruten's Saga

Sven was born into a Resistance family outside of Bergen and participated in rebellions as a young man. He fled Hanist for the deserts of Menkgu after getting his father executed by orcs. In Menkgu, he became a successful cavalry general, allied with the Reptilians, and liberated a Pegasii herd from an Imperial breeding farm. Burdened down with dependents and running out of maneuver space, he turned south to join The Liberation.

Sven was a hard worker and harder drinker as a youth. He talks big, hates the Empire and injustice passionately, but really cares about people. He has a big problem with authority, even liberated authority, and sometimes dislikes having to be in charge of his own followers.

Following his introduction to the Liberation and in recognition of his talents as a cavalry leader, Sven was appointed Vertex Dux and acknowledged as commander of the army's cavalry.


Sven Hurtigruten (337 points)
Attributes [120]
ST 13 [15]
DX 12 [40]
IQ 11 [15]
HT 13 [30]
Damage 1d/1d+2
BL 34 lb
HP 13 [0]
Will 11 [10]
Per 11 [10]
FP 13 [0]
Basic Speed 6.25 [0]
Basic Move 6 [0]
Dodge 10
Advantages [170]
Born War-Leader 6 [30]
Charisma 2 [10]
Gifted Commander (Cav Leader) [ 5 ]
Gifted Commander (Impetuous) [ 5 ]
Big Talker 3 [15]
Luck (game time, +0%) [15]
Ally Group "Cavalry Force" (built on 50% or less, 2; appears on 15 or less, x3; 30 elements; x5) [30]
Ally "Magnus" (built on 75% or less, 3; appears on 15 or less, x3) [9]
Reputation 1 (Heroic Liberator; Southern Reptilian Desert Tribes and warriors who choose to follow him x1/3) [1]
Fit [5]
Voice [10]
Born to the Saddle 6 [30]
Reptile Friend [5]
Perks [4]
Cavalry Training
Inches for Lives
Triage Focus
Style Familiarity (Late Medival Knightly Mounted Combat)
Disadvantages [-35]
Franaticism [-15]
Sense of Duty (All common peoples) [-15]
Chummy [-5]
Quirks [-2]
Intolerance (Nobles, overseers, oppressors)
Skills [77]
Administration (A) IQ [2]-11
Acting (A) IQ+2 [1]-13*
Animal Handling (Equines) (A) DX+5 [1]-17**
Area Knowledge (Hanist) (E) IQ [1]-11
Area Knowledge (Southern Menkgu) (E) IQ [1]-11
Brawling (E) DX+1 [2]-13
Carousing (E) HT+3 [1]-16*
Crossbow (E) DX+2 [4]-14
Detect Lies (H) IQ-1 [2]-10
Diplomacy (H) IQ-1 [2]-12
Fast-Talk (A) IQ+6 [4]-17*††
First Aid/TL4 (E) IQ [1]-11
Hiking (A) HT [2]-13
Intelligence Analysis/TL4 (H) IQ+6 [4]-17†
Intimidation (A) Will+2 [1]-15*
Judo (H) DX [4]-12
Lance (A) DX+7 [4]-19**
Leadership (A) IQ+9 [4]-20‡
Navigation (Air) (A) IQ+5 [1]-16**
Navigation (Ground) (A) IQ+5 [1]-16**
Psychology (Applied) (H) IQ-1 [2]-10
Public Speaking (A) IQ+7 [2]-18§††
Riding (Pegasus) (A) DX+6 [2]-18**
Soldier/TL4 (A) IQ+5 [1]-16†
Stealth (A) DX+1 [4]-13
Strategy (Land) (H) IQ+8 [12]-19†
Streetwise (A) IQ [2]-11
Survival (Desert) (A) Per+5 [1]-16
Tactics (H) IQ+6 [4]-17†
Two-Handed Sword (A) DX+7 [4]-20
Techniques [3]
Targeted Attack (Two-Handed Sword Thrust/Vitals) (A) [1]-19
Targeted Attack (Two-Handed Sword Thrust/Chinks in Torso) (A) [2]-16
* Includes +3 from 'Big Talker'.
† Includes +6 from 'Born War-Leader'.
‡ Includes +6 from 'Born War-Leader', +2 from 'Charisma'.
§ Includes +3 from 'Big Talker', +2 from 'Charisma'
** Includes +6 from 'Born to the Saddle'
†† Includes +2 from 'Voice'


Very Fine Orachilum Longsword:

☀ Innate attack, Crushing 2d (Area Effect 16yds +200%; Follow up, +0%; Selective Effect, +20%; Feature: Area Effect counts as Explosive for purposes of B415) [32]

☀ Innate attack Crushing 1d (Follow up, +0%; Selective Effect, +20%; Feature: Area Effect counts as Explosive for purposes of B415) [6]

☀ Extra Attack [25]

Völundr's Spark Light Plate Harness including lucky Snake Eater helmet

☀ Mind reading (long range, +50%; reliable 10, +50%) [60]

☀ Telescopic Vision 2 (no targeting, -60%) [4]

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