0 ANI (In the year of the Dread Emperor) - 500 years ago
Dread Lord Karsen defeats the Incarnate Hope, conquers the human realms, and establishes the Empire of Night.
466 ANI - 41 years ago
Finbar Gullvan participates in the Engenstut County Uprising, which is put down by the local regiment.
487 ANI - 15 years ago
Finbar Gullvan helps command the Engenstut County Revolt, which is defeated by the local company as soon as it starts.
December 507 ANI
Goblin couriers travel from the major cities of Hanist to all the citadels and fortresses. Soon after, ork patrols go out and confiscate food stores and livestock. Orders go out to increase the production of military supplies.
Supply ships from the western half of the Empire do not pass Hanist on the way to Zerniless.
January 508 ANI
Orks continue confiscating food stores, livestocks, and wagons. Military orders continue to be high. Regiments begin intensive training at the citadels.
February 508 ANI
Confiscation of supplies ceases. The orc regiments leave their citadels and assemble into their legions near Bergen. Thousands of peasants are forced to travel with them along with the confiscated livestock and food stores.
Military supply caravans, normally sent overland to Zerniless, are rerouted into Menkgu.
10th of February, 508 ANI
Under the light of the full moon, over a dozen children are sacrificed by the Luminals commanding the orc legions. A great portal is opened and the assembled legions and their supply train travel through it to points unknown.
1st of March, 508 ANI
Word comes to the Resistance that there was a coup in the capitol and the Dark Emperor is missing. Isenmarch has successfully rebelled. Gullvan realizes the legions are not coming back and begins agitating for a rebellion in Hanist.
508 March Timeline
In early March, The Resistance in Engenstut ambushes an orc patrol, then attacks their stronghold near the village of Trones. They recruit and expand their army and push north, taking Swartun before the end of the month. They also explore a ruined catacomb under Trones and negotiate a treaty with the Tzavarim.
508 April Timeline
In the first half of the month, the Resistance army moves west, liberating Namdalside County and encountering the Guardian under Costvud. At the same time, a Resistance strike force infiltrates and takes over Hortskink in Otern, duping the garrison there into attacking the fortified Resistance training camp at Swartun. The badly mauled orcs return to Hortskink and are destroyed.
The main army makes it to Hortskink at the middle of the month and unites with some newly recruited infantry. The army then heads south, crossing into Dorget county and conquering Duzen Iken, home of the Black Library. While exploring it, the Resistance leaders are attacked by the Luminal Whitemist, who is killed by Nayla, Himmel, Nesta, and Ariana. They discover Whitemist was an elf.
508 May Timeline
Trahaern leads the main army west, crossing the Berger River and defeating orc companies on the way. Despite an ambush by human collaborators at Kristinsund, they fight their way north and conquer Elverum. Duzen Iken is attacked by several companies of orcs, but Nayla, Nesta, and Ariana assassinate the competent orc leadership until Bloody Ving the Butcher takes charge and leads a deranged and ineffective assault on the walls. On the 9th, the northern army recrosses the Berger river in pursuit of an orc regiment, which is caught against Hortskink's walls and fooled by Aisling and Greex into another futile assault.
The Resistance leaders reunite and declare The Liberation, then Hloomawl, Nesta, Mikael, Ariana, and Nayla take the Flying Boat to Stinecrice on April 13th. After a series of trials and testings, they discover that Dread Emperor Karsen has somehow locked the Gods away behind the God Wards, metaphysical barriers between the divine and the mundane. Nayla is possibly a demi-god.
The rest of the month is spent recruiting, training, and reorganizing the Liberation Army. Scouts and the Resistance grapevine report that orc forces are withdrawing from their fortresses and strongholds in western Hanist and regrouping at the citadel of Landzby in the north and the fortress of Rundbord in the south.
508 June Timeline
Trahaern leads the army west to Ravenrock to deal with orcs advancing south from the citadel at Landzby. The orcs are ambushed while crossing the bridge toward Elverum on the 5th and are destroyed, though several hundred survive to flee in various directions. A few hundred survivors under Gharza Brokentooth are recruited by Aisling.
Trahaern heads south towards Avvinsee, defeating the orc garrison on the 12th. At the same time, Aisling convinces Banner Taeza Prulo, the orc commander of the southern force, marching on Grimstut, that a weak Liberation army is besieging Avvinsee. Two regiments are dispatched to deal with the problem and are ambushed by Trahaern on the 14th and destroyed. Prulo leads his remaining forces to conquer Grimstut and quickly learns of the defeat at Avvinsee. He begins fortifying Grimstut and enslaving humans into his army in a desperate attempt to bolster his forces.
Sven and his cavalry army arrive from Menkgu and join the Liberation on the 15th. With additional aerial support, several Resistance leaders fly into south Hanist and begin destroying isolated orc garrisons. Trahern marches east for Grimstut and destroys a cavalry covering force on the 18th. Aisling recruits Banner Taeza Rigar and his 400 orcs into the Liberation on the 19th and also frees the Wyrmling Dragon Zarathras.
With some difficulty, Trahaern defeats the orcs at Grimstut on the 20th. He spends a few days recuperating in Grimstut and investigating the betrayal of Countess Behm. He then takes his army north, destroying various orc forces, liberating Landzby and Bergen, and ending the month at Gicunocoo as more orcs converge at Catonodo. At the same time, the direct action team flies all over Hanist, defeating various orc garrisons.
508 July Timeline
Sven flies to Frederikvud on July 1st to lead the garrison there against orcs coming out of Zerniless. He defends the city against an assault on the 3rd and conquers Lubasser on the 5th. At the same time, Trahaern ambushes the Snake Easters north of Gicunoco and liberates Catonodo on the 5th.
On the 8th, Rigar Gloomfang, commander of most of Aisling's orc recruits, betrays her by kidnapping her and fleeing for Venrike. Hloomawl, Nesta, and Nayla pursue on Pirteä‎ and catch up with the orcs at the Venrike border on the 10th. Nesta rescues Aisling, Cartwright, Tezcatlipoca, and Gharza Brokentooth and Hloomawl defeats Rigar Gloomfang in single combat. Some of the orcs return to Aisling's service and the rest flee into Venrike where they meet up with the Black Thunder regiment.
The Iron Hooves regiment of northern Venrike assemble and try to cut Trahaern's supply lines, but are ambushed and destroyed while crossing the Berger River on the 16th.
Aisling fights a series of running battles with the Black Thunders, driving them back into Venrike and dispersing them on the 26th. Tezcat, Attivi, Cartwright, Nesta, Nayla, and Ariana explore Shatterstone's Tomb on the 27th, but fail to detect the traps and are forced to flee as the tomb collapses behind them. Kobold miners are sent to excavate the ruins.
Aisling and Kaja Thoen liberate southern Venrike at the end of the month, freeing several hundred minotaurs from a road crew. The minotaurs immediately enlist. Kaja starts marching north to destroy the last orc garrisons in Venrike.
Session 26 - 27th of July 508 to 29th of August, 508
Tezcat, Attivi, Cartwright, Nesta, Nayla, and Ariana manage to flee Shatterstone's Tomb as it collapses behind them. They never find out what Shatterstone was.
On the 29th, Hloomawl, Cartwright, and Aisling liberate 200 Minotaur slaves working on a road crew. The minotaur elder Hroogar knew Hloomawl, and the minotaurs enlist in the Liberation military.
The Liberation army spends most of August redeploying. Trahaern's troops at Catonodo are relieved by fresh recruits under Himmel's command, and then Trahaern marches for Lubasser. He crosses into Zerniless on the 18th, and after a bit of maneuvering, ambushes the Karlmost garrison on the 19th. He then advances up the road to Vodowmost, destroying Imperial garrisons on the way. Dynfarch tribes, alerted to the attack, start raising and organizing militia forces.
Session 27 - 30th of August 508 to 4th of September, 508
Aisling, Nesta, Nayla, Hloomawl, Zarathras, and Tezcatlipocal lead the Nightfangs up to Astimbeo in the mountains and try to trick the garrison into surrendering, but Pennant Zo Gragrash recognizes their heraldry and plans an ambush of his own. Nesta alerts Aisling before disaster falls, but the resulting fighting is inconclusive. After Nesta is greviously wounded, Aisling arranges a parley and intimidates Gragrash into joining the Liberation. The new forces head back down the mountain.
Trahaern trivially overwhelms the last Woodhound company garrisoning Vodowmost. Greex's magic map shows somewhere between one and three thousand Dynfarch militia massing at Mitnydum along with most of Vulgar's Blazer regiment. Trahaern splits his forces, leaving Sven to hold Vodowmost while he returns to Silnistruz to hold their supply lines against the upcoming raids.
The Dynfarch army moves rapidly down the imperial road, making it to Yandum in two days, then moves west through the woods at great speed. They run into several battles with local Dynfarch militia, and Trahaern makes it back to Silnistruz.
On the 3rd, Aisling is menaced by 120 Dynfarch under Warleader Cuin, but he turns back in the face of overwhelming force. Aisling attempts to recruit some Dynfarches on the 4th, but Warleader Maura refuses to serve until Cuin is defeated. Aisling sends the orcs south and attempts to set herself up as bait. Gragrash and Gharza Brokentooth feud and Tezcat fails to keep the orcs under control.
Session 28 - 4th of September to 17th of September, 508
On the 4th, Aisling, Nayla, Hloomawl, and Zarathras and their army defeat Warleader Cuin's army with some difficulty and recruit Maura's army to the cause.
On the 5th, the Blazer Dynfarch army attempts to probe Trahaern's lines at Silnistruz, but he and Greex ambush them, effectively destroying them as a fighting force.
On the 6th, Sven and Cartwright lead their army out of Vodowmost and destroy the Blazer force massing at Tisic Dubue. Sven, Cartwright, and the Pegasii then fly south to rendezvous with Aisling's Dynfarch while Aisling travels north to Tisic Dubue to take over Svenn's army. Sven and Cartwright move through the south, recruiting and fighting the remaining hostile Dynfarch militia warbands below the Vodow River. Trahaern marches east through the forest, securing the coastal fortress of Yandum and moving on Nadhern Villed. Aisling leads her army to conquer Cernabazina and then splits her forces, leaving some to garrison it and the rest to conquer Stinovahug and Conecsesty.
Session 29 - 18th of September to 3rd of October, 508
Sven and Cartwright continue fighting and recruiting Dynfarch militia, crossing the Vodow on the 20th with nearly 300 allied troops.
Aisling, Nayla, Tezcatlipocal, Hloomawl, and Zarathras scour the town near Conecsesty for anyone who knows the location of the minotaur tribes. Jun Hubicka volunteers to take them to where he knew a tribe was a few days ago, and Hloomawl tracks the tribe north. A local dynfarch militia band is discovered to also be tracking the tribe. The Liberation forces overtake the Dynfarch just as the minotaur militia is deploying for a futile last stand and easily wipe out the Dynfarch. Hloomawl reunites with his aunt Hroolan and older brother Moogawl. The minotaurs agree to be resettled in Hanist and Moogawl and others are sent find the other tribes and band, including one led by Hloomawl's mother Noolan.
Trahaern defeats the orcs at Nadhern Villed and begins moving his army to Cernabazina.
On the 20th, the Resistance Grapevine learns that an orc legion is marching south through Menkgu and will be at Catonodo within a week. All Resistance leaders are immediately recalled to Catonodo and the Menkgu border garrisons are ordered to reinforce there. Greex determines that there are roughly 5000 orcs and imps, led by a Luminal on a large Dragon, at Sheroyhor.
On the 24th, the Mana level drops to low, grounding most flying forces. The Legion stays at Sheroyhor, not marching south until the 1st of October. On the 2nd, the mana levels return to normal and the Legion forces are less than 30 miles away, marching in good order and prepared for an attack.
On the 3rd, the Luminal takes his dragon and regiment of imps and flying demons and flies south for a reconnaissance in force of Catonodo. Ariana, Sven, Zarathras, Nayla, Nesta, and Attivi mount their flying steeds and prepare to attempt to assassinate the Luminal.
Session 30, Session 31, Session 32 - 3rd of October 508
Ariana, Sven, Zarathras, Nayla, Nesta, and Attivi fight Scather Wyrmson, Luminal commander of the Dragonkin Legion, and his dragon Thaxosar. After Ariana destroys Scather's weapons, Sven runs him through with a lance, killing him. Sven, Ariana, and Zarathras combine to wear down Thaxosar and eventually kill him. Although Sven and Nesta are wounded in the fight, neither of them are seriously wounded.
Session 32 - 3rd of October 508
The imp regiment falls back in good order after Scather's death, and the Dragonkin Legion under General Magolon Genduath continues their march and begins to invest Catonodo in good order. Aisling, Greex, Nesta, Tezcatlipoca, Attivi, and Cartwright leave the fortress before the castle is encircled, and make their way to the headquarters of Brurg's Bloodhounds. With the help of Resistance sympathizer Eduardo, they search Brurg's tent for orders and forge an order for Brurg to assault the walls in a few hours. Unsupported by the rest of the Legion, Brurg is effectively ambushed by thousands of Liberation archers and his force takes heavy casualties.
Session 33 - 3rd of October 508
Aisling, Greex, Nesta, Tezcatlipoca, Attivi, and Cartwright's magical communication with Catonodo is detected by the Imperial Command Staff, and a handful of nobles are dispatched to find and destroy the enemy spellcasters. Greex and Nesta spot them on arrival and lead them away from the orc camp. The nobles are ambushed at a barn, and after a violent fight, four of them are blinded and dying. The fifth, Thalanil Aranimestel, is captured.
Session 34 - 3rd of October to 8th of October, 508
Under the cover of Brurg's assault, Aisling, Greex, Nesta, Tezcatlipoca, Attivi, and Cartwright make their way back into Catonodo, bringing their prisoner and other loot with them.
General Magolon launches a several feints against Catonodo's walls, forcing Trahaern to divert troops from the destruction of the Bloodhounds. He then attempts to retire back to his lines, and beats off Trahaern's sortie. At dawn, both armies regard each other from their fortifications.
Magolon hastily reorganizes his forces, crucifying Brurg and appointing new officers to take command of the remnants of the Bloodhounds. Greex, Ariana, Nesta, Cartwright, and Hloomawl interrogate Thalanil and learn that Magolon is unlikely to get more reinforcements. In the late afternoon, a council of war decides to send a feint out at dawn, with plans to either force a battle on the Liberation's terms or raid the supplies of one of the orc camps.
Magolon launches a second, much more professional assault after dark on the 4th. Trahaern organizes a conventional defense. Over two days, the orcs take heavy casualties but gain little ground, and Magolon returns to his lines just before dawn on the 7th. He immediately takes the shattered remnants of the Dragonkin Legion north.
The Liberation spends a few hours recovering their wounded and marshalling supplies, and then pursues. The orcs flee faster than the Liberation Army can follow, and the Liberation Army breaks off short of Sheroyhor. It is clear that Magolon is pulling in more forces from the Menkgu countryside, but it seems unlikely he can gain enough force to threaten the Liberation in the field again.
Session 35 - 9th of October to the 13th of October, 508
The leaders of the Liberation hold a council of war and decide to pursue and destroy Magolon and then liberate south and central Menkgu. With that accomplished, they hope to hold their lines for the winter while negotiating alliances with the Fae Court and Dwarfen Safeholds.
On the 10th, they march on Magolon's forces at Sheroyhor and besiege him. Over three days of battle, they carry the castle walls by main force, destroying the remnants of the Dragonkin. Magolon and Arcane-General Cuthor teleport out to Toridy Jiman and begin fleeing north to find a new defensive position.

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