0 ANI (In the year of the Dread Emperor) - 500 years ago
Dread Lord Karsen defeats the Incarnate Hope, conquers the human realms, and establishes the Empire of Night.
466 ANI - 41 years ago
Finbar Gullvan participates in the Engenstut County Uprising, which is put down by the local regiment.
487 ANI - 15 years ago
Finbar Gullvan helps command the Engenstut County Revolt, which is defeated by the local company as soon as it starts.
December 507 ANI
Goblin couriers travel from the major cities of Hanist to all the citadels and fortresses. Soon after, ork patrols go out and confiscate food stores and livestock. Orders go out to increase the production of military supplies.
Supply ships from the western half of the Empire do not pass Hanist on the way to Zerniless.
January 508 ANI
Orks continue confiscating food stores, livestocks, and wagons. Military orders continue to be high. Regiments begin intensive training at the citadels.
February 508 ANI
Confiscation of supplies ceases. The orc regiments leave their citadels and assemble into their legions near Bergen. Thousands of peasants are forced to travel with them along with the confiscated livestock and food stores.
Military supply caravans, normally sent overland to Zerniless, are rerouted into Menkgu.
10th of February, 508 ANI
Under the light of the full moon, over a dozen children are sacrificed by the Luminals commanding the orc legions. A great portal is opened and the assembled legions and their supply train travel through it to points unknown.
1st of March, 508 ANI
Word comes to the Resistance that there was a coup in the capitol and the Dark Emperor is missing. Isenmarch has successfully rebelled. Gullvan realizes the legions are not coming back and begins agitating for a rebellion in Hanist.
508 March Timeline
In early March, The Resistance in Engenstut ambushes an orc patrol, then attacks their stronghold near the village of Trones. They recruit and expand their army and push north, taking Swartun before the end of the month. They also explore a ruined catacomb under Trones and negotiate a treaty with the Tzavarim.
508 April Timeline
In the first half of the month, the Resistance army moves west, liberating Namdalside County and encountering the Guardian under Costvud. At the same time, a Resistance strike force infiltrates and takes over Hortskink in Otern, duping the garrison there into attacking the fortified Resistance training camp at Swartun. The badly mauled orcs return to Hortskink and are destroyed.
The main army makes it to Hortskink at the middle of the month and unites with some newly recruited infantry. The army then heads south, crossing into Dorget county and conquering Duzen Iken, home of the Black Library. While exploring it, the Resistance leaders are attacked by the Luminal Whitemist, who is killed by Nayla, Himmel, Nesta, and Ariana. They discover Whitemist was an elf.
508 May Timeline
Trahaern leads the main army west, crossing the Berger River and defeating orc companies on the way. Despite an ambush by human collaborators at Kristinsund, they fight their way north and conquer Elverum. Duzen Iken is attacked by several companies of orcs, but Nayla, Nesta, and Ariana assassinate the competent orc leadership until Bloody Ving the Butcher takes charge and leads a deranged and ineffective assault on the walls. On the 9th, the northern army recrosses the Berger river in pursuit of an orc regiment, which is caught against Hortskink's walls and fooled by Aisling and Greex into another futile assault.
The Resistance leaders reunite and declare The Liberation, then Hloomawl, Nesta, Mikael, Ariana, and Nayla take the Flying Boat to Stinecrice on April 13th. After a series of trials and testings, they discover that Dread Emperor Karsen has somehow locked the Gods away behind the God Wards, metaphysical barriers between the divine and the mundane. Nayla is possibly a demi-god.
The rest of the month is spent recruiting, training, and reorganizing the Liberation Army. Scouts and the Resistance grapevine report that orc forces are withdrawing from their fortresses and strongholds in western Hanist and regrouping at the citadel of Landzby in the north and the fortress of Rundbord in the south.
Session 17 - 1st of June to 7th of June, 508 ANI
Trahaern is proclaimed Counsel of the Liberation and a Ruling Council is appointed to support him.
On June 2nd, peasants from Bergen arrive at Elverum to report that 2000+ orcs left Landzby late in the morning on the 1st and are heading towards Ravenrock. Trahaern, Ariana, Attivi, and Greex form up the field army and make a rapid forced march west from Vestning Krufe toward Ravenrock. Aisling, Hloomawl, Nesta, and Nayla take the flying boat to Ravenrock; Nayla spots the orc army marching south a good 20 miles away. The army encamps on the east side of the Berger and begins fortifying.
Around 3 pm on the 2nd, Aisling, Hloomawl, Nesta, and Nayla assault most of an orc company holding Ravenrock. Aisling's experiments with aerial assault techniques and cautious, probing attacks cause severe casualties among the orcs in exchange for scrapes, and at nightfall, the Resistance has claimed one of the fortress' towers. Over the next four hours, Hloomawl and Nayla smash the orc formations while Nesta hunts down their leaders. The orc survivors flee west. The team loots the castle of any orc writings and burns all the beds in the barracks, and flee back to friendly lines on the morning of the 3rd. The orcs straggle into Ravenrock on the 3rd, and spend the 4th recovering and recuperating. On the 5th, they hold a rally and march east across the Ravenrock Bridge. Greex has thoroughly concealed the army over the past two days and there is a massive ambush. The orcs are badly out of position and suffer casualties before reforming their lines. They make an abortive attack into the face of Greex's and Trahaern's traps and fixed defenses, take even more casualties, and break. Trahaern pursues. Of the 2100 orcs that left Ravenrock, nearly 840 survive and flee west and north: 150 goblin wolfriders, 150 goblin scouts, and 300 orc crossbowmen make up most of the survivors, but even some knights and priests survive. The army spends the rest of the day reforming and begins marching to Grimstut on the 6th.
On the 7th, the scouting party surveys Rundbord and counts 32 pennants, including a company from northern Groanridder that is still marching to assembly. With no serious expectation that the orcs will march before the 9th, Trahaern continues to maneuver the field force to Grimstut with plans to defend the Imperial Bridge across the Helin river.
Session 18 - 8th of June to 14th of June, 508 ANI
Trahaern turns the army southwest and heads toward Avvinsee, planning to ambush the orcs there.
On the 9th, Aisling, Himmel, and Hloomawl take the flying boat to Genude-cho near Avvinsee and recruit militia. Aisling and Hloomawl take the flying boat to persuade some orc survivors of Ravenrock Bridge to switch sides on the 10th. At the same time, Himmel leads the militia on a march on Avinsee. They are attacked by the orc garrison before dusk and both sides take heavy casualties before the orcs break contact.
On the 12th, Trahaern arrives at Avvinsee with the main army and trivially overruns the walls. Aisling heads south to Rundbord to report the assault to the orcs there, but discovers they left for Grimstut on the 11th. After a harrowing overnight wolf ride, she catches up with them and convinces Tusked Banner Taeza Prulo to dispatch half his army to deal with the "handful" of rebels in Avvinsee. The rest of the orcs continue on to Grimstut and cross the Helin on the 14th, keeping in contact with the other force by courier.
On the 14th, Banner Taezas Rigar and Krag attempt to relieve the siege of Avvinsee, only to be ambushed by the entire Resistance army. Nearly 1000 orcs are killed and 600 broken survivors flee to Rundbord. Tusked Banner Taeza Prulo learns of it without hours and halts his army.
Session 19 - 14th of June to the 20th of June, 508 ANI
On the evening of the 14th, a pair of kobolds approach Greex seeking justice for a murdered family member. Aisling orders Gharza Brokentooth to punish the offenders. Sven, having retreated from Menkgu and made it to Liberation territory, flies on Magnus to Avvinsee and allies with The Liberation.
On the 15th, Tusked Banner Taeza Prulo returns to Grimstut and begins setting up his defenses. He dispatches his cavalry under Banner Taeza Kilar to Kristinsund with orders to tax the city and warn him if the Liberation army approaches from the north. Trahaern marches the army east, planning to deal with the orcs. Pegasii are used as couriers and scouts against the orcs. Aisling, Hloomawl, Mikael, Nayla, Nesta, and Sven fly south to Buctun and meet up with the local Resistance.On the 16th and 17th, the direct action team capture Buctun, Mortilbaser, and Soroverstine, freeing Cape Sood for The Liberation. Sven's cavalry force unites with Trahaern's force at Elvby.
On the 18th, the direct action team captures Groanridder. Banner Taeza Krilar skirmishes with Sven's cavalry and then attacks and is annihilated by Trahaern's army. The survivor flee to Grimstut with Trahaern in pursuit. Kristinsund is recovered but thousands are dead in the streets after orc purges.
On the 19th, Trahaern's forces approach the orcs bunkered in Grimstut. Aisling opens negotiations with the shattered remnants of Rigar's forces at Rundbord and convinces them to surrender. Nearly 400 orcs take up arms in The Liberation army. Rigar also reveals the orcs have captured a Dragon, namely Zarathras the Wyrmling. Zarathras agrees to aid The Liberation.
Session 20 - 20th of June to the 22nd of June, 508
Zarathras insists on being allowed to kill and eat the orcs who tormented them. Aisling is willing to see them executed, after Rigar Gloomfang acknowledges he has no use for them, but warns Zarathras that eating sentients will get him labeled a monster. With some whining, Zarathras backs down. Pennant Zo Vurgdush of the 7th Iron Fangs objects to the execution of his knights and is summarily cashiered and executed.
The next morning, the direct action team flies to meet the Liberation army on the road to Grimstut. Zarathras can't keep up with the boat at full speed and so they fly slowly, and Magnus deliberately flies circles around Zarathras to show off (though he claims he is keeping an eye out for airborne enemies). At Grimstut, the combined armies realize that Banner Taeza Prulo has impressed the militia survivors and other humans into his armies and positioned them such that any assault will cause plenty of deaths among those humans.
Trahaern attempts to parley, offering to let the orcs retreat to Menkgu, but Prulo believes he has a strong enough position to hold the Liberation army. He is also backed by Pennant Zo Murzush of Stinecrice, and the infamous orc champion is fanatically opposed to the Resistance. Nayla attempts to assassinate Prulo at the end of the parley, and the Resistance leader are chased off by a volley of crossbows and several are badly injured before being magically healed.
Ariana leads a prayer to Volundr, and gets a miracle: arrows and bolts will not harm the humans. With that in hand, Trahaern prepares to assault the castle at dawn. Zarathras attempts an overnight scout, but is chased off by massed crossbowmen after getting too close to the castle.
At dawn, Trahaern leads an all-out assault on the gates and breaches the south barbican. In a brief struggle after the gates fall, Sven badly wounds Prulo and Ariana is wounded by Murzush, but an orc counterattack drives off the Resistance leaders. Trahaern feigns a retreat, drawing out a large force led by Murzush that is subsequently surrounded and annihilated. Trahaern renews his assault on the castle, crushing the remaining orcs. Surrender is not granted and the survivors are executed.
With the final defeat of Prulo's armies, Hanist is effectively liberated, though 14 orc fortresses remain to be dealt with.
Session 21 - 23rd of June to the 30th of June, 508
Ariana, Attivi, Greex, Sven, Trahaern, and Zarathras are approached by Diana Behm's children and surviving assistant who seek justice for her death. After a day's investigation, they determine that a local crime boss and his minions got lucky in finding Diana Behm and opportunistically turning her over to the orcs. The local crime boss took the grand-children hostage, but Attivi disabled him and most of his minions with a sleeping spell.
Trahaern then took most of the army northwest, leaving the orcs with Aisling to retrain at Rundbord and dispatching multiple troops to retrain at Vestning Krufe. The orcs of Vartop staged a breakout, seeking to reunite with their officers at Bergen, but they instead ran into Trahearn's army on the 25th. Trahaern easily dispatched them, then broke through Prurk's army and moved on to conquer Bergen. The army ended their march at Gicunocoo, as the orcs of Vaag's Snakeaters formed up at Catonodo in Menkgu.
The direct action team of Ariana, Hloomawl, Nayla, Sven, Nesta, and Zarathras took the flying boat and Magnus and conquered the orc garrisons in the north of the country. At the end of month, the orcs of Hanist controlled only Norrider and Bokmedfem in the west. On the 28th, the orcs of Zerniless marched on Lubasser in the northwest and took the emptied castle. Militia and Resistance forces moved up to Frederikvud and blocked their further advance.
Session 22 - 1st of July to the 5th of July, 508
Ariana, Hloomawl, Nayla, Sven, Nesta, and Zarathras fly to Frederikvud on July 1st and are reinforced by the pegasii corps on the 2nd and freshly recruited artillery on the 3rd. A company of orcs and Dynfarch cavalry attack Frederickvud at night on the 3rd but are thoroughly trounced. On the 4th, Sven leaders the garrison out to the Lubasser border. On the 5th, he assaults the fortress, garrisoned by more Dynfarches and an orc mountain company with kobolds and flying Imps. They prove no match for the cavalry general. An approaching storm limits his ability to make further advances into Zerniless.
Trahaern, Greex, and Attivi march out of Gicunocoo on the 2nd. On the 4th, the Snakeaters attack out of Catonodo but their attempted nighttime raid turns into an ambush and 80% of the orcs are casualties. Trahaern takes Catonodo the next day and holds, waiting for the new recruits to arrive and act as a garrison.
On the 1st, Rigar Gloomfang asks Aisling for permission to recruit the remaining companies of Gloomfang orcs at Norridder and Bokmedfem to her service. She assents, couriers are sent, and the last orc strongholds in Hanist are peacefully abandoned.
Session 23 - 6th of July to the 16th of July, 508
Cartwright reunites with Aisling at Rundbord, and the two come to an agreement where Cartwright will serve as Aisling's spymaster.
On the 7th, Rigar Gloomfang's orcs are fully equipped with weapons and armor. Early in the morning on the 8th, he kidnaps Aisling, Cartwright, Gharza Brokentooth, and Tezcatlipoca and pulls the orcs out of Rundbord, heading west for Venrike in a hurry. Aisling manages to get word out by her magic radio, but the Flying Boat is grounded by bad weather. Instead, Hloomawl takes Nesta and Nayla with him on Pirteä‎, covering hundreds of miles in two terrifying days of journey.
Nesta sneaks into the orc company and rescues the prisoners. Aisling rallies the Nightbloods and disengages while Nayla provides covering fire. Rigar Gloomfang challenges Hloomawl to single combat, but is ignominiously defeated and taken off the battlefield for his execution. The reduced forces retreat to Groanridder where they meet up with a cohort of Liberation Army Pikemen. The orcs of southern Venrike start assembling to challenge the Liberation.
In the northwest, Trahaern waits while the Iron Hooves of northern Venrike assemble and move east. Banner Taeza Pogar erroneously believes that since the Pegasii have flown east, that Greex and Trahaern have no way to detect his flanking movement to cut their line of supply. Trahaern and Greex set up an ambush on the north bank of the Berger river and destroy the Iron Hooves, chasing the survivors into the ford.
Session 24 - 17th of July to the 31st of July, 508
The Black Thunders of southern Venrike, reinforced by the remnants of the Gloomfangs, advanced on Groanridder. After overrunning the border guards, they assault the Nightbloods, hastily reinforced by two freshly trained cohorts of Liberation infantry, in the fortress. The battle is touch and go, but Aisling's generalship and Nayla's archery win the day. Banner Taeza Hink is knocked unconscious early in the batlte and the orcs are forced to retreat. Aisling pursues them and disperses them at the Groanridder-Blutkate border on the 25th. The next day she overwhelms the remaining orc garrison at Blutkate.
The Winter Queen ordered Tezcatlipoca to explore Shatterstone's Tomb, something she had hidden just before the Gods were imprisoned in the God Wards. Tezcat, Attivi, Cartwright, Nesta, Nayla, and Ariana traveled to the cave in the hills of Venrike and began exploring.
Aisling took half the troops west to Hexvud and liberated it on the 31st. Meanwhile, Kaja Thoen led her pike cohort south, and with Hloomawl's help, defeated the orcs at Hoyhuffen.

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