You can save this as a button on your token that you don't have to keep typing in

For normal skill rollsEdit

[s(skill val, mods)]

E.g. [s(12,3)] rolls against skill 12 with a bonus of +3

You can also do

<b>Skill name and action</b>[s(skill val, mods)]

like so:

Stabbing a fool in the face [s(20,-5)]

For significant actions in the Mass combat systemEdit

[h:risk=risk]<b>Significant Action (Risk {risk}):</b> [s(6,+risk)]

This asks you once for your risk and then puts it in the name.

For strategy rollsEdit

<b>My Strategy:<b> (All out attack)<br><b>I expect:</b> (deliberate defense)<br><b>I do not expect:</b> (Rally, Retreat)

but fill it in with your strategy guesses

Tracking Your Luck Usage Edit

This needs to be put as a button on your characters token to work. You can just paste it in, doesn't really matter what you name it, it will rename itself to Luck + timeused once you use it.

/me [H: TimeZone="EST"]
[H: curIndex = getMacroButtonIndex()]
[H: NewTime = json.get(getInfo("client"),"timeDate")]
[H: props=getMacroProps(curIndex,"json")]
[H: OldTime = json.get(props, "label")]
last used {OldTime} {TimeZone}, and uses LUCK again at {NewTime} {TimeZone}.
[H: setMacroProps(curIndex, "label=Luck ("+NewTime+")")]

Big Ol' Melee Combat Macro Edit

This should probably be put as a button on your characters token, but it doesn't strictly need to be. Your information to customize is the block at the top.

How To Use: Impersonate your token. Click on someone to hit.

[h: Attack = "Flail swing"]
[h: SkillLevel = 21]
[h: Damage = "2d6+6"]
[h: DamageType = "cr" ]
[h: Note = "Attempts to parry flails are at -4; fencing weapons (F parry) can't parry at all! Attempts to block such weapons are at -2."]
[h: mySM = 1]
[h:targetsList = getSelectedNames()]
[h:targets=listCount(targetsList)] [h,IF(targets == 1):Target = listGet(targetsList,0)] <!-- Gets answers from the user asking what modifiers to apply --> [H: Success = input(    "null | " + Attack + " (" + SkillLevel + ") " + Damage + " " + DamageType +" | Attack|LABEL",    "Telegraphic|0|Telegraphic Attack|CHECK",    "IsWildSwing|0|Is this a Wild Swing?|CHECK",    "Feint|0|Is this a feint?|CHECK",    "SM|0|Target Size Modifier",    "hitLoc|chest,skull,random,vitals,abdomen,eye,foot,hand,arm,leg,neck,face|Hit Location|LIST|VALUE=STRING",    "Mods | 0 | Any modifiers to skill",    "Cap | 0 | Maximum skill cap (leave zero if not applicable)",    "DamageModifiers | 0 | Any modifiers to damage" )]
<!-- aborts the macro if the user canceled -->
[H: abort(Success)]

 <!-- calls the GURPS dieroller to find out the results of the skill test -->
<b>[r:Attack] [r,if(Feint==0):" in the " + hitLoc] [r:if(IsWildSwing==1," (wild)","")]  ([r:SkillLevel][r,IF(Telegraphic>0):" + 4 Telegraphic"]):</b>
[R,IF(Cap!=0 ),CODE:{
   [T:a(SkillLevel, HitLoc1 - SM + Mods+(Telegraphic*4), Cap)] [r:Note]
[R,IF(Cap==0 && Telegraphic==0),CODE:{
   [T:a(SkillLevel,HitLoc1 - SM + Mods)] [r:Note]
[R,IF(Cap==0 && Telegraphic==1),CODE:{
   [T:s(SkillLevel,HitLoc1 - SM + Mods+4)]  [r:Note]
   doing [t:eval(Damage)+ DamageModifiers ] [r:DamageType]
}; { feint } ]

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