Uster Vaipnesterk is a human in his late 40s. Prior to the Liberation he was a trader and broker in the town of Sundoy in Namdalside County, Hanist. He is a charismatic leader and capable administrator, but a predictable and unimaginative strategist.

In the spring of 508 ANI, Uster raised a small force of Resistance fighters and led them to victory, capturing the orcish fortress between Sundoy and Trevya. Unfortunately, his "hold the line at all costs" tactics cost him too many casualties, and he stood to lose when the orcish forces from the south counterattacked. His troops were saved when Trahaern ab Owen led his forces into Namdalside and relieved them.

As of May 508, Vaipnesterk is a Vertex Dux (breveted) in the Liberation Army, overseeing logistics and troop training at Hortskink in Cape Har. He was ennobled as the Count of Namdalside and added to the Ruling Council. He is frustrated by his lower rank and is actively agitating for a promotion to General. The commander of the permanent garrison at Hortskink, Princeps Primus Kaja Thoen, is tired of his complaints and seeking a transfer.

Game Mechanics
Born War Leader 2 [10]
Big Talker 2 [10]
Charisma +2 [10]
Ambitious [-1]
Chauvinistic [-1]
Prefers to use All-Out military operations [-1]
Intelligence Analysis-11
Public Speaking-16
Big Talker is 5 points/level. Skill bonus: Acting, Carousing, Fast-Talk, Intimidation, Public Speaking. Reaction bonus: Naive or impressionable people, thugs. Alternate benefit: +1 to resist Fast-Talk, Interrogation, or Intimidation.