Mab is a God. Her most prominent worshiper is the Ogre Tezcatlipoca.

Description Edit

Also known as Mab and titled Binder of Contracts, Goddess of Air and Darkness, and Guardian of the Outer Gates.


Morality and Tenets of FaithEdit

Mab's morality can best be described as 'Darwinistic' in that she favors competitive success, even among her followers. She is not wasteful with her followers, but does encourage them to stretch their capabilities and compete for her favor. Her chosen servitors are self reliant, some to the point of callousness towards the deaths of the infirm, whom they view as being harvested by their patroness.

Game Mechanics Edit

Pacts and Required Abilities Edit

Divine Elements Edit

Air, Darkness, Winter, maybe others. The Winter Queen's servitors must have the Winter divine element.

Divine Servitors mass combat stats
Divine Elements TS Class Notes
Winter, Winter 4 (Cav)
Air, Winter 4 (F)
Darkness, Winter 3 - Night

Winter Divine ElementEdit

Appropriate for gods of cold or ice. Servitors are covered in ice and emit a freezing field that saps energy; powerful servitors are made of ice and can create ice slicks.

Advantages: Claws [5]; Damage Resistance 9 (Ablative) [9]; Damage Resistance (Limited to Ice/Cold) 10 [20]; Fatigue Attack, 1 point (Always On -40%; Area Attack 4yds +100%; Aura +80%; Contact Agent +150%; Freezing Hazard +20%; Melee Attack Reach C Cannot Parry -35%; Metabolic Hazard +0%; Nuisance Effect: Doesn't stack with similar auras -5%; Onset 1 Minute -10%; Resistible HT-2 -20%) [11]
Winter (Doubled)

as above, plus:

Advantages: Create Ice Slick* [38]; Damage Resistance 4 (Ablative) [4]; Doesn't Breathe [20]; Injury Tolerance (Homogeneous) [40]; Sealed [5]
Disadvantages: Fragile (Brittle) [-15]; Vulnerability to Fire x2 [-30]; Weakness (Normal Heat, 1d/minute) [-12]

*Control Ground Friction 2 (Persistent, +40%; Extended Duration, 30 seconds, +20%; Cannot Concentrate to Extend Duration, -10%; Accessibility, Only to Reduce Friction, -25%) [38]. Concentrate for one second and leave an ice patch in your hex and adjacent hexes: while standing on the ice, all DX-based activities are at -2 and anyone moving into or through the area must roll against DX-2 every turn or fall. This roll is at +1 if walking at Move/2, +2 at Move/4, and +3 at Move/8 (round down, minimum 0). Critical failure causes 1d-2 injury to a randomly chosen limb. Anyone with Perfect Balance, Terrain Adaptation (Ice), or special footwear can ignore this effect.

Optional TraitsEdit

Priests of Mab are often Callous [-5] or at least have the Reputation of being so [-5].

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