Wyrmlings are young Dragons of a certain type. They have four legs, scales, wings, a powerful tail, talons, fangs, and fiery breath. Most wyrmlings have instinctive and native magic; they often use it to turn into another form to interact with society.

Racial Template Edit

Wyrmling [120]
3D Spatial Sense [10]
ST +12 [48] (Size -20%)
SM +2 [-20]
Fire Breath: [43]
Burning Spit (Burning Attack 2: All-Out -25%; Area Effect +50%, Armor Divisor 2 +100%; Damage Modifier: Incendiary +10%; Increased Range x3 +15%; Increased 1/2D Range x5 +10%; Magical -10%) [25]
Cone of Fire (Burning Attack 2: Takes Recharge (5 Seconds) -10%; All-Out -25%; Cone (10) +150%; Increased 1/2d Range x10 +15%; Reduced Range x1/5 -20%; Magical -10%) [20]
Incineration (Burning Attack 4: All-Out -25%; Armor Divisor 2 +100%; Damage Modifier: Incendiary +10%; Increased 1/2d Range x10 +15%; Reduced Range x1/5 -20%; Magical -10%) [34]
Claws (Talons) [8]
Damage Resistance (Hide) 12 (Tough Skin -40%; Can't Wear Armor -40%) [12]
Damage Resistance (Scales) 5 (Can't Wear Armor -40%) [15]
Enhanced Move (Air) 1 [20]
Flight (Magical -10%; Winged -25%) [26]
Shapeshift (Alternate Form: Wyrmling Hairless Ape; Magical -10%; Takes Extra Time 15 seconds -5%) [13]
Striker (Tail, Crushing) (Clumsy -1 20%; Limited Arc: Rear -40%) [2]
Teeth (Fangs) [2]
Scales [1]
Ham-Fisted [-5]
Disturbing Voice [-10]
Frightens Animals [-10]
Horizontal [-10]
Miserliness (9 or less) [-15]
Restricted Diet (Carnivore) (Very Common) [-10]

Determine a wyrmling's length (nose to tail) by looking up ST before the racial modifier and doubling the associated height. Look up weight the same weigh and multiply it by 8.

Burning spit is 2d (2) bu inc+, Acc 3, Rng 150/300.

Cone of Fire is 2d bu Cone 10, Acc 3, Rng 20.

Wyrmling Hairless Ape [41]

This is typical of the form that a wyrmling will use when interacting with human society: a strong, tough, human looking body. Animals can sense a bit of the dragon's true form, and do not trust them. The dragon's metabolic requirements, ancestral knowledge, and inherent stinginess do not change.

ST +12 [60]
Appearance (Attractive) [4]
Damage Resistance 3 (Thick Hide) (Tough Skin -40%) [9]
Miserliness (9 or less) [-15]
Restricted Diet (Carnivore) (Very Common) [-10]
Distinctive Feature (Eyes of the Dragon) [-1]
Disliked by animals (-1 to Reactions) [-1]

Wyrmling Hairless Apes have the normal height and weight of humans without taking the racial ST modifier into account.

Optional Traits Edit


Mass Combat Notes Edit

Individual wyrmlings are a Wyrmling unit: TS 5, Air Arm F, Slow Air with raise cost of $350K and maintain cost of $70K. Inexperienced wyrmlings often have effectively Poor equipment and Poor training quality.

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