Yoilanta is a God, part of a forgotten pantheon that includes Hartun, Bril, and Danu. Yoilanta is the goddess of renewal and regrowth. She is the patroness of healers and herbalists.


Morality and Tenets of FaithEdit

Yoilanta expects a reverence for life, even from those who kill for need. She does not tolerate Sadists or Bullies.

Game MechanicsEdit

Pacts and Required AbilitiesEdit

Yoilanta's Pact is Vow: Treat nature with respect [-5]. Priests of Yoilanta must also have Naturalist at 12+, and cannot have Theology or Religious Ritual higher than their Naturalist skill level.

Divine ElementsEdit

Yoilanta's elements are Life, Light, and Nature. Her Divine Servitors may double up on one of the elements.

Divine Servitors mass combat stats
Divine Elements TS Class Notes
Life, Life 2 - Reduce casualties by 2xTS
Light, Light 3 (F), (Rec) Night
Nature, Nature 4 -
Life, Light 2 (Rec) Night, Reduce casualties by 2xTS
Life, Nature 3 - Reduce casualties by 2xTS
Light, Nature 3 (Rec) Night

Optional TraitsEdit

Priests of Yoilanta, especially those in close communion with her, (having high levels of Divine Favor) often have Pacifism (Self Defense Only) [-15]. When they acquire this trait it is often offset by an increase in divine spellcasting ability to represent the closer connection.