Yorg "Strongarm" Krufter is a Princeps Primorus from Engenstut County. He is brave, brash, and good at making an impression. He distinguished himself in the early days of the Resistance by being a careful observer who could work well with Greex, Himmel Detfinger, and Trahaern ab Owen. He was part of the first set of troops to retrained at the new military academy at Hortskink, and was promoted by Uster Vaipnesterk for his demonstrated leadership skills.

Unfortunately, Yorg has been promoted past his competence. He is too used to being a scout, and prefers to stay at the front where he can observe instead of staying back and managing the big picture. He has also learned too much from Detfinger and Vaipnesterk's examples, and looks to find a good position and hold it all costs instead reacting flexibly to a situation. Sven has decided that he cannot trust Yorg with an independent command.

Game Mechanics
ST 17
Big Talker +2
Charisma +1
Combat Reflexes
Fashion Sense
Fearlessness +3
Delusion: All Out Defenses Always Work! [-5]
On the Edge
Intelligence Analysis-7

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